Sunday, July 14th, 2024

Northlane: Mirror's Edge North American Tour

Invent Animate, Thornhill, Windwaker

Doors: 6:00 PM / Show: 7:00 PM 18 & Over
Northlane: Mirror's Edge North American Tour

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Brooklyn Bowl Nashville
925 3rd Avenue North
Nashville, Tennessee 37201

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Northlane are a chart topping, award-winning metal band from Sydney, Australia. Through fearless evolution and unmatched innovation, Northlane have become vanguards of heavy music across the globe, entirely on their own terms. The band have released six acclaimed albums, including ARIA Chart #1 records Obsidian (2022) and Node (2015), alongside Singularity (2013), Mesmer (2017) and Alien (2019) which all debuted at #3. Northlane have also won three consecutive ARIA Awards for Best Hard Rock or Heavy Metal Album, as well as two AIR Awards for Best Independent Heavy Album. 2024 see’s the release of the Mirrors Edge EP, including singles Dante, Afterimage and Miasma featuring Parkway Drive’s Winston McCall.

Invent Animate


Amid a generation gripped by loneliness, fear, and a desperate concern for the state of the world, Invent Animate are grabbing fans by the hand and choosing to walk with them. There’s a sense of duty among the band – comprising vocalist Marcus Vik, bassist Caleb Sherradan, writing member Trey Celaya, drummer Brody Taylor Smith and guitarist Keaton Goldwire – to bare their own pain and tragedy for their listeners, indeed creating a safe, familiar place for listeners to process their own. It’s this deeply empathic and concerned approach to their output that sets Invent Animate apart, and has seen the band develop a close knit, cult-like following over their 10 years together. “I think what’s really important to our generation of music consumers is finding something beautiful out
of all the chaos,” shares bassist Caleb. “It’s important to us – we’ve got a lot on our plate, life is weird, life is hard – but we’ve come to understand how important it is as artists to be there with our listener, to be vulnerable ourselves so they might be able to say, ‘thank you, you guys helped me articulate this’ or, ‘you guys helped me walk through this journey’ because of what we’ve created.” Stationed across Texas, Colorado and Sweden (following Vik’s recruitment in 2019), Invent Animate are
now in prime position to break new ground on their new label address. Now rubbing shoulders alongside a plethora of previous touring partners including Silent Planet and ERRA, and Spotify “sounds like” mates such as Like Moths To Flames, Void Of Vision and Thornhill, the four-piece perfectly complement the UNFD roster with their blend of ambient metalcore, djent and prog.



Thornhill_March 2022_Jon Pisani.jpg

Close your eyes and hear any of its songs, and Thornhill’s epic sophomore full-length will transport its listener’s imagination to scenes of classic Hollywood.

Riding a creative wave driven by an affection for the glam and charm of this style, Thornhill’s Jacob Charlton (vocals/lyrics) and Ethan McCann (guitar/production) birthed Heroine – a vivid anthology of stories set to a dynamic, cinema-inspired score.

“Arkangel’ was the first song to really get the writing process rolling,” shares Ethan of his mid-lockdown creative drought. “Once I had the intro, first verse and the chorus down I noticed all these parts created a certain mood and set of visuals in my imagination…. it was reminding me of the Buffy intro credits with that super late '90s, cheesy, glossy film look.

“I ended up laying the demo I had on top of a video of the credits and I found pairing it with those visuals really helped me develop the song because I could treat it almost like writing a film score.”

What began as an experimental way to crack ‘Arkangel’ soon sparked a creative avalanche for Ethan, who – suddenly speaking the same language as the already-cinema obsessed Jacob – began treating every track in a way he’d never considered before: as though he was writing for film. From there, Heroine was born.

Listeners will no doubt hear the moody and anthemic ‘Varsity Hearts’ and picture scenes from She’s All That, and be transported into the world of James Bond amid the spy-like breakdowns of ‘Casanova’. Elsewhere, the album references the sounds and styles of some of Hollywood’s most classic titles like Singing In The Rain,  American Beauty and Baz Luhrmann’s epic Romeo & Juliet.

Enamoured with storytelling and screenplay, Jacob honed his love of penning lyrics as if mini movies throughout the writing process. Led by the direction Ethan’s production took his imagination, he crafted Heroine’s lyrics to match the energy of the music.

“[The lyrics] are my version of the story these scores could be set to,” he explains. “They’re my interpretations of how I would write the screenplay, direct and shoot it alongside the vibe of the track… I was just writing along the lines of how I feel and what I see, hear and imagine.”

“I really wanted to touch on sadness in a way that [listeners] haven't heard it in our genre…it's not sad, but it's melancholy in a very intimate way,” he adds of the album’s stories spanning themes like love, lust, self-reflection, and self-loathing. 

Propped up against their acclaimed 2019 debut album The Dark Pool, there’s a profound new sense of clarity, vision and intention to be heard on Heroine. Where The Dark Pool touched fans with its mix of crushing riffage and atmospheric metalcore, this record finds Thornhill flexing their skills in the alternative and rock worlds, referencing a tapestry of sounds from the likes of Smashing Pumpkins and Red Hot Chili Peppers, to Silverchair and Deftones. At the same time harking to flavours of modern metalcore, Thornhill ultimately want to showcase what can be made of heavy and rock music when there are no borders. Heroine does just this, and comes complete with elevated visuals and theatrics to match.

Jacob shares that part of his growth during the album’s creation was finally nailing his own character and style as a vocalist and frontman – much like his performance idols such as Elvis, Justin Timberlake and Gwen Stefani pioneered in their own ways.

“I realised you're not just singing your lyrics, you're emoting. You’re conveying a message or a feeling not only through vocals, but through performance,” he muses. “Ethan really brought that vibe to the instrumentation, and I was left thinking, "Oh, I can't just sing or scream over this…. what can I do to match that energy he's presented here, but in a way that people haven't heard it in a metal setting?” I realised I needed my own character. I needed to bring that Elvis-y confidence and emotion to my performance to really be able to bring people into the world of what I’m singing about.”

Drawn to the class and flare of those whole package-type artists and performers, Heroine finds Jacob channeling elements of his masculinity, his femininity, his vulnerability, and his extravagance into every aspect of his performance and aesthetic.

Sealed with the cohesive dynamic of the full band channeling their own characters, all together Heroine is a stunning listening and visual experience. This is Thornhill levelling up on the astounding success of The Dark Pool and ultimately proving their vision and creativity stretches well beyond the small walls of metalcore. Like the films that inspired it, Heroine is poised to go down as a tasteful, classic piece of art, enjoying repeat-listen after repeat-listen for years to come.


Windwaker Finals-1.jpg

Shattering all restraint, Windwaker tear at the seams of their sonic boundaries, refining and finessing their craft into something truly unique. Concocting an unsuspecting recipe of electro-charged violence, sickly sweet pop hooks, bouncing hip hop moments and slick riffage, the charismatic quintet move towards exciting new territory with each new release. 


Emerging out of Melbourne, Victoria, the Australian outfit— Liam Guinane [vocals] Jesse Crofts [guitar], Indey Salvestro [bass], Chris Lalic [drums, programming], and Connor Robins [synths and samples] —have grown a dedicated and passionate fanbase, amassing millions of digital streams since their inception, with over 6 million streams garnered in the US alone. Last July’s release, “SIRENS”, has been their highest performing track to date, cracking over 1.5 million Spotify streams in just a few months —and counting! The band toured the single across Australia with Caskets (UK) and sold out nearly every date along the way. 


Windwaker’s debut album ‘Love Language’ released in 2022 via Fearless Records, demonstrating an unpredictable and undeniable exploration of love across 12 tracks. The album picked up praise from NME, Distorted Sound, Hysteria Magazine, New Noise and more, with mxdwn reviewing, "The effort put into this album makes it clear that the band put their best foot forward, and in turn, they left their audience wanting more", and Sonic Perspectives raving, “There's a huge party happening over here, and I promise that you'll be kicking yourself hard if you miss out".


Windwaker translate their electric and eclectic energy on record to the live stage, carving their name into the core of modern metal. The four-peice have toured alongside some of alternative music’s most favoured acts— Beartooth, I Prevail, Motionless In White, Enter Shikari (UK), Caskets (UK), Creeper (UK), Northlane (AUS) and more.


Heartfelt confession, organic collaboration and aggressive catharsis bubble up towards the surface as Windwaker’s next release takes shape. The new year welcomes Windwaker with open arms as they gear up to play Knotfest Australia alongside Pantera, Lamb of God, Disturbed, SPEED and more this March. 


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