Wednesday, June 19th, 2024

Yoi Toki Presents: Macross 82-99, Vantage, Engelwood, Yoi Toki DJ's

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Doors: 8:00 PM / Show: 9:00 PM 18 & Over
Yoi Toki Presents: Macross 82-99, Vantage, Engelwood, Yoi Toki DJ's

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Brooklyn Bowl Nashville
925 3rd Avenue North
Nashville, Tennessee 37201
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Artist Info

Yoi Toki

Dive into the electrifying world of Yoi Toki, an unparalleled dance party powered by the exhilarating beats of Future Funk and Vaporwave. This isn't just any night out—it's a groundbreaking celebration, a confluence of rhythm, style, and unabashed joy.

We're hitting the road, embarking on a tour across the US to spread the thrill of Future Funk far and wide. And now we have partnered with Macross 82-99, Vantage, and Engelwood, 3 of the greats, trailblazers who have shaped the genre and set a brand new standard for this sound. At Yoi Toki, don't just listen to music—live it, feel it, and dance along. Join the movement, embrace the innovative vibes, and be part of a unique community radiating nothing but positivity and next-gen sound. Yoi Toki awaits: where every beat is an invitation to an unforgettable night."

Macross 82-99

Macross 82-99 is a Mexican Future Funk/Vaporwave music producer, DJ, and songwriter. He is best known for his contributions to the vaporwave and future funk genres. Macross 82-99's music is characterized by its nostalgic and retro-futuristic sound, often incorporating samples from 80s and 90s pop culture, anime, and video games.

He began he's music career in the early 2010s and quickly gained recognition within the vaporwave and future funk communities. He released several albums and EPs that received positive reviews for their catchy melodies, funky beats, and innovative use of samples. His music often evokes a sense of nostalgia, drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of the past while infusing them with a modern twist.

Macross 82-99's discography includes popular albums such as "Cham!," "SAILORWAVE," and "A Million Miles Away." His tracks have garnered millions of views and streams on platforms like SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify, making him a prominent figure in the vaporwave and future funk scenes.


First emerging onto the scene in 2015 with a four-track EP, French-born but Tokyo-based producer, Vantage has spent years cultivating an immersive world at the intersection of sound and technology. Channelling a sound that has been coinedas ‘future funk’, Vantage uses a range of analogue synths and instruments to create his distinctive tone. With a belief that the music and imagery should do the talking, Vantage has created animmersive world to coincide with his music, a dystopian futuristic urban universe, “Metro City''. Heavily influenced by his surroundings, the visuals are all inextricably linked with Vantage’slife, drawing on personally involved feelings and memories including favorite old animation films from the 80s and 90s. With his re-released ‘50//50’ single already becoming a viral hit and finding an audience on a global scale, making Vantage's track the first Future Funk single to sell over 1 million and being certified platinum.  


Engelwood, or Matt Engels, is a viral 24 year-old future funk, lo-fi, hip-hop and electronic music producer from Brooklyn, NY. Drawing on influences from producers like Flamingosis and Vanilla, as well as Japanese Funk and Soul music, Engelwood’s music could be best described as the soundtrack to your trip to the beach. The blends of funk, soul and tropical music, together, creates a unique fusion of sounds you can relax or dance to. Engelwood is also known for his productions for Dillon Francis, bbno$, Cuco, sophie meiers, Mia Gladstone, and Yung Gravy’s biggest hits such as “Knockout” and “Yung Gravity.

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