Friday, July 31st, 2020

***POSTPONED - DATE / TIME TBA *** Official 10 Years 2020 Fan Summit ft. a One Time Only 10th Anniversary Performance of Feeding the Wolves

Crobot, BRKN Love

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Doors: 7:00 PM 18+ Years
***POSTPONED - DATE / TIME TBA *** Official 10 Years 2020 Fan Summit ft. a One Time Only 10th Anniversary Performance of Feeding the Wolves

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Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas
The Linq, 3545 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109


$25.00 General Admission, $27.50 General Admission (week of show) $29.50 General Admission (day of show) 
KOMP Promo General Admission (limited qty) $9.23

All guests must have a valid government/state issued ID for entry to the venue. No refunds.


Tickets purchased in person, subject to $2.00 processing charge (in addition to cc fee, if applicable).

All general admission tickets are standing room only.




Special room discounts via Caesars Hotels & Resorts for traveling fans. For hotel rooms use promo code: BRB15 at applicable for rooms at The LINQ Hotel and the Flamingo.


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Lines still stretch around the block at clubs, warehouses, and theaters on a nightly basis worldwide. Amplifiers still blare out of suburban garages everywhere. Guitars, drums, and bass still translate the emotion and energy of a generation better than anything. No matter what prevailing opinion may be, rock musicstillmaintains its foothold just behind the pop culture curtain—as if in the wings waiting to return. BRKN LOVE carry on this tradition, while evolving it. Toronto singer and guitarist Justin Benlolo envisions a fresh future for the genre on the band’s 2019 full-length debut for Spinefarm Records produced by Joel Hamilton [Highly Suspect, Pretty Lights].“When I first thought about starting a band, it needed all of the elements of rock ‘n’ rollthatI respond to—big guitars, big drums, and big vocals,” he explains. “I didn’t want it to be too complex. It had to be something everybody could digest inashort and sweet format. It’s alternative, but it’s also heavy. I try to get right to the point. There are so manyof these kids still showing up to shows andmoshingto real rock music. That’s refreshing. There’s still a place for something authentic. That’s what I want to provide.”Born and raised in Canada, Justin cut his teeth by obsessing over thelikes of Soundgarden and Led Zeppelin in his youth, while learning how to write music. With the advent of bands such as Royal Blood and Highly Suspect, he recognized the potential for a “different kind of band—that’s not too macho and slick, but edgy enough for the punks.” Justinstarted tracking demos for BRKN LOVE andshortly after determined thatJoelHamilton was the perfect producer. Joel responded to the tracks byinvitinghim to Brooklyn to record at Studio G. Together, they cut the 13 tracks that would comprise the album as the band landed a deal with Spinefarm Records after a New York showcase. Recordedlive to tape in the studio, the sound preserves “a raw, real, and alive”feeling in the riffing tempered by “relatable and emotional lyrics.”Now, the first single “Shot Down” hinges on thick guitars before Justin’s howling takes hold. It seesaws between dirty blues verses and a skyscraping refrain as he chants, “Landslide, shaking the crowd...Shot down in the bottom of a valley!”Written at the infamous Mate’s Studio in North Hollywood, CA, it captures all of the seedy,glorious grit of the San Fernando Valley.“It’s got a lot of sexual innuendos,” he goes on. “On the contrary, it can be interpreted as a massive disaster song. There’s a landslide shaking the ground, and we’re in the middle of the valley. The world’s ending as we’re playing away. You could also interpret as about a girl.”The airy harmonies and syncopated riffs of “I Can’t Lie” takedeadaim at West Coast fakery and “friends who stabbed me in the back for no reason” with a hypnotic and heartfelt chorus. Everything culminates on “In Your Hands,” which slides from a clean intro towardsa wall of fuzz and his most impressive vocal performance. The latter serves as “an ode to life that we’re going to ride the universe’s wavewithout worrying.”In the end, BRKN LOVE represent a new era for rock music that’s as powerful as it is emotional.
“The name represents who Iam,” Justin leaves off. “You can honestly be a hopeless romantic and play tough music. Most of the lyrics deal with love and loss. That’s the vibe. You can share your feelings and still rock your face off at the end of the day.It’s what I’m going to do.”

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