Sunday, March 10th, 2024

KMFDM (21+)


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Doors: 7:00 PM / Show: 8:00 PM 21+
KMFDM (21+)

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Brooklyn Bowl Philadelphia
1009 Canal Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19123

This event is 21+. Valid government-issued photo ID is required for entry. No refunds will be issued for failure to produce proper identification. This ticket is valid for standing room only, general admission. ADA accommodations are available day of show. All support acts are subject to change without notice. Any change in showtimes, safety protocols, and other important information will be relayed to ticket-buyers via email. ALL SALES ARE FINAL

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Active bowling games must cease when musical performance begins. Once bowling concludes, stay on your lane to continue enjoying access to the VIP Viewing Deck and food & beverage service.

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KMFDM (originally Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid, loosely translated by the band as  "no pity for the majority”) is a multinational industrial band from Hamburg,  Germany, led by Sascha Konietzko, who founded the band in 1984 as a performance  art project in Paris, France. 

The band's earliest albums were recorded in Germany before they moved to the  United States, where they found much greater success with seminal record label  Wax Trax! out of Chicago. Throughout the 90’s KMFDM constantly evolved with a  revolving door line-up, becoming a household name in the US music scene. Their  1995 hit “Juke Joint Jezebel catapulted KMFDM into the Billboard charts and got  them onto many movie soundtracks, notably Bad Boys and Mortal Kombat. Bands  such as Rammstein or Korn had their humble beginnings opening up on KMFDM’s  tours.KMFDM took a brief hiatus in early 1999 after having recorded their 10th  album for Wax Trax Records which had run afoul in the hands of TVT Records.  

Konietzko resurrected KMFDM in 2002 on Metropolis Records with a partially new  line-up that included among others American singer Lucia Cifarelli from the band  DRILL, and Tim Skold who later on joined Marilyn Manson. 

Releasing studio albums and touring frequently throughout the 2000’s Konietzko  and Cifarelli moved back to Germany in 2008. 

Dozens of musicians have worked with the group across its 22 studio albums and  countless singles, with sales totaling in excess of two million records worldwide.  

Critics consider KMFDM one of the first bands to bring industrial music to  mainstream audiences, though Konietzko refers to the band's music as "The Ultra Heavy Beat". The band incorporates heavy metal guitar riffs, electronic music, and  both male and female vocals in its music, which encompasses a variety of styles  including industrial rock , electronic body music and even reggae and dub. The  band is fiercely political, with many of its lyrics taking stands against violence, war,  and oppression. KMFDM is known to tour after every major release, and band  members have a reputation for their accessibility to and interaction with fans, both  online and at concerts. 

KMFDM’s latest album LET’S GO ! will be released on March 2, 2024 followed by a  month-long US Tour. 

KMFDM’s current incarnation consists of from top left clockwise: 

Lucia Cifarelli 

Andy Selway 

Andee Blacksugar 

Sascha Konietzko

The Morlocks


Morlocks operate around the borderlines between the collective subconscious, paradoxal multiverses and the bad conscience of the world (as we know it). They travel either like sinister prowlers through the shadows, or like a raging bulldozer, sneaking and bolting through and between the Cold War, radioactive wastelands, the catacombs of Rome and unspeakable dimensions beyond the Unknown Kadath.

Golden apples serve as food for the journey and the road is lined by an epic creative chaos and a malicious love for bastard hybrids of industrial rock, retrofuturism, machines, symphonies and heresies. 

Their latest album “Praise the Iconoclast” was released by Metropolis Records in October 2023 to stunning reviews and the word on the street is that they will absolutely own what’s left of the future.

This is their first trip to America, a logical step before conquering space.

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