Sunday, April 7th, 2024

Intervals + Hail The Sun

Body Thief, Makari

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Intervals + Hail The Sun

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Brooklyn Bowl Philadelphia
1009 Canal Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19123
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Intervals is a window into the mind of guitarist & composer, Aaron Marshall. Founded in 2011, Intervals is a progressive and forward thinking staple in modern instrumental music with roots firmly planted in all things traditional, & an open eye on the future. The Shape of Colour is the natural evolution of Aaron's sound & a testament to his knack for infectious melody, & engaging compositions.

Hail The Sun

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One of the main epiphanies CA’s Hail The Sun had when making its new album, Divine Inner Tension, was understanding that inspiration didn’t have to come from a place of despair, and letting go of the idea that an artist needs to be tortured in order to create. Instead, the band — Donovan Melero (vocals), Aric Garcia (guitar), Shane Gann (guitar) John Stirrat (bass) and Allen Casillas (drums) — looked beyond the viscerally emotional to the more spiritual and even enlisted the help of Ice Nine Kills’ Joe Occhiuti, who is also involved with Melero’s Kill Iconic Records, on a number of tracks.

“This is the first album we’ve written that didn’t come exclusively from a place of suffering or pain,” Melero admits. “Sadness, heartbreak and nihilism all inspire, but during the pandemic, there was a big shift, and this is more about retelling the story — retelling stories about everyday perceptions. Everything comes from within, so I thought that maybe I don’t have to suffer to feel inspired.”

Though that idea flows through the entirety of the record, it’s best captured by “The Story Writes Itself,” a song that both figuratively and literally sits at the center of the album. A typically impassioned blast of progressive post-hardcore, it frames the relationship between the universe and the self, and the tension and connection between them, that is so central to this album’s themes. Elsewhere, on “60-Minute Session Blocks,” the band grapples with the notion of identity, examining the way people change and fluctuate, often deliberately, over time. But then that’s followed immediately by “Maladapted,” which counters that idea completely, instead reverting to the notion of letting go of the self and instead trusting the universe. It’s a journey that began, for Melero, in 2020, when he was in a particularly bad place.

“I was going through a painful separation and really feeling low. Just worthless,” he says. “And mixed with that, the music industry was completely gone. So, I was searching for something more for myself; something bigger than myself. I was trying to find meaning in other things, and I got really into how powerful our thoughts are and the idea of attracting whatever it is we want into our existence. I felt an untapped potential that I always thought was there but could really start to feel it. And that was the catalyst to beginning this new phase and this album and that idea of just completely letting go.”

That, then, is the ultimate takeaway from Divine Inner Tension. It is possible to be both in and out of control at the same time. We just have to learn how. This album is the perfect guide for doing so, and as it ends with the urgently ominous “Under The Floor,” you’ll feel yourself finally letting go, finally understanding.

Body Thief

Body Thief is an ambient rock/post-hardcore band based out of Maryland. Forming in 2015, Body Thief has released 3 albums, and has toured all over the country with reputable acts such as Dance Gavin Dance, Hail The Sun, and more. The band is currently signed to Blue Swan Records, and their latest album, "Every Ending" is available now on all streaming platforms.


Makari is a multifaceted, innovative force in the lanes of modern ambient rock. From ethereal melodies paired with impassioned, lyric-centric vocals, to delicate guitar work and driving drums & bass; Makari has established a signature sonic profile - one that shines ever bright in their upcoming project, “Wave Machine” set to release 03/08/2024. Key collaborators on this independently released work, including producer Andrew Wade, first caught on to the group following the release of their debut LP “Hyperreal” - which has gone on to achieve over 30 million streams across platforms.

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