Thursday, February 6th, 2020

JAZZ is PHSH: Celebrating the music of Phish through the lens of jazz

Cousin Earth

Doors: 6:00 PM / Show: 8:00 PM 21+ Years
JAZZ is PHSH: Celebrating the music of Phish through the lens of jazz

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Venue Information:
Brooklyn Bowl
61 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11249

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Jazz Is PHSH

JAZZ IS PHSH is the project of the world renown music directors, The Chase Brothers (Adam Chase & Matthew Chase). Borrowing the concept from Jazz Is Dead, Jazz Is Phsh uses the melodic structure of the music of Phish to present instrumental jazz-funk-fusion renditions of choice Phish songs.

With the Phish catalogue being rich with unique and complex arrangements, worthy of being celebrated, The Chase Brothers have created an ever expanding “real book” of Phish which allows musicians of all backgrounds to step into the music and breathe new life into the songbook.

The horn driven musical arrangements span from bop jazz vibes to deep funk fusion filled with danceable grooves and strong melodies.

The arrangements and performances of the band are built around their debut album which features Adam Chase, Matthew Chase, Dennis Chambers, Jeff Coffin, Carl Gerhard, Josh Thomas, Chris Bullock, Michael Ray, Kofi Burbridge, Grant Green Jr., Anthony Wellington, Holly Bowling, Jonathan Scales, Chris DeAngelis, Scott Flynn, Lenny Pettinelli, & Derrick Johnson.

With the music of Phish being both largely improvised as well as highly composed, the framework of Phish’s music is the perfect vehicle for exploring in an instrumental setting. The compositions are both challenging and adaptive. Jazz IS PHSH provides an exploration of Phish music unlike anything else.

Cousin Earth

Brooklyn's Cousin Earth is a sci-fi rock band that pushes the limits of both genre and musicality with catchy songs, evolving jams, and dynamic funk grooves. Featuring an original repertoire and a vast array of covers, the band delivers a wide tonal palette that has as much a sense of humor as it does a sense of purpose. From shredding ukulele solos and 4-part vocal breakdowns to interweaving themed medleys, Cousin Earth is sure to catch the attention of any music lover.  Presenting a multitude of styles including Rock, Funk, Prog, Latin, Bluegrass, Hip Hop, Ragtime, and even Electronica, no musical dimension is off-limits for this otherworldly live act.  
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