Saturday, September 16th, 2023

Rosh Hashanah at Brooklyn Bowl

No Family Bowl Today

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Doors: 9:00 AM / Show: 10:00 AM All Ages
Rosh Hashanah at Brooklyn Bowl

Event Info

Venue Information:
Brooklyn Bowl
61 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11249
After Service Lunch by Blue Ribbon available with purchase

Celebrate the Jewish New Year with Rabbi Daniel Brenner, Jeremiah Lockwood Antibalas' Jordan McLean and many others!
Be sure to check out and for info on  Kol NIdre and Yom Kippur service opportunities.

Bowl Hashanah includes:
* Rosh Hashanah morning services led by Rabbi Daniel Brenner with musical director Jeremiah Lockwood, Antibalas' Jordan McLean, Yula Be’eri, John Bollinger, Stuart Bogie, and Yusuke Yamamoto!
* Featuring Armo and more
* Torah reading and procession lead by Rabbi Brenner 
* Plain-sense explanations of the religious aspects of the holiday.
* Prayer
* Shofar blowing + Meditation

Artist Info

Bowl Hashanah

Rabbi Daniel Brenner

Rabbi Daniel Brenner, named by Newsweek Magazine as one of America's most influential rabbis, has played key roles in some of the most creative organizations in the religious world, including CLAL-the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, Auburn Seminary, Birthright Israel, and Moving Traditions, where he currently serves as the chief of education. Brenner's latest Jewish cultural arts project, Klezmer Aerobics, was featured as a select pick in the Weekend Arts section of The New York Times.

Jeremiah Lockwood

Jeremiah Lockwood--music director, composer, singer, guitarist--is a scholar and musician. His work engages with issues arising from peering into the archive and imagining the power of “lost” forms of expression to articulate keenly felt needs in the present. Jeremiah is currently a Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies. His first book, Golden Ages: Hasidic Singers and Cantorial Revival in the Digital Era, will be published by University of California Press in February of 2024. 2024 will also see the release of a suite of albums of new cantorial revivalist music produced by Jeremiah, including a new album from The Sway Machinery! Jeremiah has played around the world as leader of The Sway Machinery and is currently developing a new blues duo, Gordon Lockwood, with drummer Ricky Gordon.

Jordan McLean

Jordan McLean is a New York City-based composer, arranger, bandleader, trumpeter, producer and educator. McLean has been active in the professional music world since 1992, having performed, recorded and collaborated with a multitude of musicians, ensembles, and performance organizations in the leading studios, festivals, and concert halls around the world.

Yula Beeri

(born Yuli Yael Be’eri) – Singer and Musician

An Israeli musician, and performer. She has been performing music in New York City for the past fifteen years. Yula is the founder of the music and arts collective Yula & The Extended Family and The HIVE NYC. Her projects include punk-rock outfit “Nanuchka”, electronic trio "Kiss Slash Crooked Smile”, “Hydra" vocal trio and “Indiga” vocal trio.

John Bollinger

John Bollinger is known in the New York scene as an explosive force, his fearsome groove and bone shattering bursts of energy adding an incredible excitement to his wonderful feel for a multiplicity of genres. He has worked with, among others, Barbez, Nanuchka and Guignol.

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