Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 12.40.20 PM Flynt Flossy and Whatchyamacallit felt others were stifling their creativity, so they decided to form their own hip-hop/R&B collective and label, Turquoise Jeep, with friends, offering artistic freedom without any limitations. “Our music is made for all people,” said Flossy. “There’s no discrimination over here at Turquoise Jeep Records—nothing but love.” They’ve even invented their own genre, EMB (existing musical beings). Turquoise Jeep have been able to reach people across the globe thanks to their popular YouTube channel. But they’re best experienced live and in person, like in Brooklyn tomorrow night. Irreverent NYC hip-hop octet Pants Velour and TT Artist, who paints “the world with visual language” through art and catchy tunes, open the show.