Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas is throwing it back to the 80s with Sin City Freestyle on Friday, August 30th. Latin freestyle music will be coming in full force when headliner Lisa Lisa and friends, Trinere, Connie, and Nocera take the stage. Latin freestyle music originated in the New York metropolitan area in the early 1980s and has brought forth many club-jumping hits that still make us groove today like “Can You Feel The Beat”, “Let The Music Play”, “Funky Little Beat”, and many more!   Lisa Lisa is historically acknowledged as the creator of the Latin freestyle genre and one of the Latin community’s iconic figures who paved the way for other female artists like Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. Lisa Lisa’s musical career launched when becoming the singer for the group Full Force in New York, which secured her successful spot in the music industry. Lisa Lisa has six top selling albums and over 20 million records sold worldwide, which are considered to be some of Latin freestyle’s greatest hits like “I Wonder If I Take You Home” and “Head to Toe.” Although these might be the greatest throwback jams, Lisa Lisa’s stage presence and high energy performance is one you still cannot miss till this day. Can you feel the beat? Traveling down south from New York to Miami, FL, we find another prominent Latin freestyle female artist, Trinere. Trinere teamed up with Electro/Hip-Hop producer, Tony Butler (a.k.a. Pretty Tony), to create the original freestyle sound of Miami. Together they created and released her first single, “All Night,” which crowned her queen of the Miami freestyle dance scene. Trinere continued to release successful hits like “Can’t Get Enough” and “How Can We Be Wrong.” Her authentic sound of Latin freestyle music will be all you ever need! Connie, also jamming out of Florida, is another iconic female of Latin freestyle music. After being introduced to TK Records, Connie recorded her first freestyle hit, “Funky Little Beat,” produced by Henry Stone. Connie released a few other Latin freestyle singles like “Rock Me” and “Experience” that will make you get down at Sin City Freestyle! Coming all the way from Sicily, Italy, Nocera blesses the freestyle world with her 1986 hit singles “Summertime, Summertime” and “Let’s Go.” Nocera now tours as a club DJ serving the world much needed doses of Latin freestyle music’s top hits.  Don't miss out on the party - grab your tickets for the Friday, August 30 Sin City Freestyle event HERE.