Talib Kweli LIVE with full band!

Javotti Media Presents

Talib Kweli LIVE with full band!

Rapsody, NIKO IS, K'Valentine

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

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Talib Kweli LIVE with full band!
Talib Kweli LIVE with full band!
The Brooklyn-based MC earned his stripes as one of the most lyrically-gifted, socially aware and politically insightful rappers to emerge in the last 20 years.

“I’m a touring artist. I’m an artist that’s internationally known. I’m not just a local artist at this point in my career. I’m cognizant of the fact that what I do is beyond where it started. I’m trying to reach the apex of where I am now, but without turning my back on or dismissing what I’ve done before.”

After nearly 20 years of releasing mesmerizing music, Talib Kweli stands as one of the world’s most talented and most accomplished Hip Hop artists. Whether working with Mos Def as one-half of Black Star, partnering with producer Hi-Tek for Reflection Eternal, releasing landmark solo material or collaborating with Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Just Blaze, J Dilla, or Madlib, Kweli commands attention by delivering top-tier lyricism, crafting captivating stories and showing the ability to rhyme over virtually any type of instrumental.

In 2011, Kweli founded Javotti Media, which is self-defined as “a platform for independent thinkers and doers.” Kweli has set out to make Javotti Media (which released his 2011 album, Gutter Rainbows, and is named after his paternal grandmother) into a media powerhouse that releases music, films and books.
Rapsody, (also know by the stage name Rapdiddy) is the new female force in hip hop, and she's about to blaze the trail for the new generation of women who rely on their skills to make marks in the music world. She is the first lady of North Carolina super crew Kooley High, and Grammy Award winning producer 9th Wonder's protégé and first artist signed to It's A Wonderful World Music Group / Jamla, the brainchild of his true school resurgence, setting the bar high for all succeeding label mates, male or female. Paying homage to her hip hop godmothers MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, and Lauryn Hill, this Snow Hill, North Carolina native doesn't just represent the female side of hip hop- the b-girl, the rapper, and the deejay who rocks the party just as well as any man. She is an emcee who represents hip hop beyond lines of gender, proving that anything "the boys" can do, she can do too. Her skills as an emcee are the highlight of her presentation, while her inherent feminine twist proves to be the icing on the cake.

She has been featured on Dream Merchant 2, 9th Wonder's first solo venture since signing with Atlantic, in addition to Brooklyn emcee Skyzoo's release, The Power of Words, hosted by super deejay, DJ Drama. She has also been featured on numerous Kooley High releases, and is scheduled to make an appearance on 9th Wonder's long awaited release, The Wonder Years. "I want to make good music and be a role model to little girls, especially little black girls," she confirms.

Rapsody has also shared the studio and soundbooth with Pete Rock, and Von Pea of Tanya Morgan. Her ability to captivate audiences with explosively dynamic performance spread across the industry, leading her to share the stage with hip hop general Big Daddy Kane, as well as Geechie, Suede of Camp Lo, Blu and Exhile, Tanya Morgan, Wale, J. Cole, Colin Monroe, The Clipse, and Yahzarah.

Currently, she is working on her first solo release, The Return of the B-Girl. This defining EP will feature her Jamla label mates Skyzoo, Tyler Woods and Big Remo, and other industry heavy hitters. She is also slated to release two EPs with North Carolina producers E. Jones and Ka$h, entitled "Kenny's Got a Crush!" and 'Sugawater", respectively. In addition, she is working on a mixtape and full-length studio album with friend and label head, 9th Wonder.

Rapsody's intelligent wordplay and unparalleled flow will remind fans of the woman's reign of hip hop- when it was always ultra sexy to be cool, and less often the other way around. With a roster of features this heavy only 5 years in the game, Rapsody's blinding light promises to shine brighter as this young star's career continues to blossom.

Meet NIKO IS. If your faith in hip hop has been challenged, he will restore it. In an age where everyone is 'trying' to be unique Niko isn't trying at all, he just IS.
NIKO IS was born Nikolai Paiva in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Brazilian and Argentinian parents. Paiva and his family moved to Orlando, Florida when NIKO was only seven years of age. NIKO's influences in latin music, soul, R&B, rock & roll and hip hop have helped him to create a very distinctive sound and style . NIKO IS is a student of musical truth. His experience has gained him recognition as a notable songwriter, witty lyricist, visionary and exceptional freestyler.

“Every time I do a song or an album, I think conceptually, NIKO IS dot dot dot”

NIKO IS, is a name that speaks to his existence and symbolizes the many personas and attitudes that are reflected in his music. After the successful launch of his Chill mixtape series and the positive feedback garnered from his most recent mixtape, Good Blood, NIKO IS is ready for prime time. It is now, that NIKO readies the world for the release of BRUTUS.
On February 3, 2015, Javotti Media will partner with Colours of the Culture and Fat Beats Distribution to bring you NIKO IS’ debut album, BRUTUS. BRUTUS is a dynamic work that is completely inspired by the sounds of Brazil; The sounds NIKO IS grew to love as a child in Rio.

Produced entirely by Thanks Joey, NIKO’s producing partner for many years, the lush, colorful sounds of BRUTUS will take the listener on a journey they will not soon forget. Lyrically, NIKO IS is unmatched in his generation. His patterns and punchlines will have your head spinning for days and the raw, lyrical emotion exhibited by this frostalgic lyricist is sure make BRUTUS a classic debut.
BRUTUS is a culmination of songs NIKO IS and Thanks Joey have been working on for a number of years.While releasing their mixtapes, the duo were collecting songs for BRUTUS. This plan was put into motion several years ago and is just coming to fruition now.Legendary lyricist Talib Kweli and GOOD Music's Cyhi The Prince deliver strong feature appearances on BRUTUS that add to the beauty of the album. BRUTUS is NIKO IS’ moment. It is his statement to the world. Get on board!
On a cold snowy day at a downtown Chicago hospital, K’Valentine made her entrance into this world. She served as an early Christmas gift for her mother. The news of her birth also excited her father, Valentine Ogilvie Reid, who at the time, was incarcerated in another state. At an early age, in spite of many family hardships, K’Valentine excelled academically and in the Arts. Anything associated with creativity was and still is her forte.

As a little girl, K's exceptional artistic ability was so evident that it's no surprise that music became her life's passion. When she discovered the power of hip hop, it became her first love. She dove in head first and learned everything she could about the art form. Soon enough, she was impressing friends and family with her vast knowledge about the world of hip hop.

K'Valentine began her lyrical journey by writing poetry to get out emotions she wanted to express. After a chance meeting with world renowned poet laureate Dr. Maya Angelou before she passed, K'Valentine was encouraged to practice until she mastered her craft. On the advice of Dr. Angelou, K wrote poetry non-stop, and those poems eventually transitioned into songs.

After reciting poetry at numerous spoken word events and receiving positive feedback, it was time for K to finally get in the booth. Shortly after, she released her debut project, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” 2011. Breakfast at Tiffany's gave listeners their first look into K'Valentine's heart. She wrote about personal subjects but she also wasn't scared to get down and dirty on the microphone. On Valentine's Day 2013, K'Valentine dropped her second mixtape, K'Valentine's Day, which picked up where Breakfast at Tiffany's left off.

In 2014, K'Valentine linked up with Javotti Media, a label owned by hip hop star Talib Kweli, and began to work on her third mixtape, Million Dollar Baby. Million Dollar Baby finds K'Valentine rhyming over tracks that are new as well as her versions of existing hits, giving the listener a well rounded perspective of a young lady that can lyrically spar with the best of them. Million Dollar Baby puts on for the city of Chicago by featuring great Chicago artists like Bubble Eye, Vic Spencer and Mikkey Halsted, but it's undoubtedly K'Valentine's showcase. You can also find K'Valentine's contributions to the world of music on Javotti Media's mixtape, The Cathedral, which placed K in the company of esteemed artists such as Big K.R.I.T. Joell Ortiz, Curren$y, NIKO IS and more.

K'Valentine's love for music has given her a calling, and she is here to answer that calling. The music she makes is not just wonderful for the listener, but has also been her therapy to get through life's trying times. As beautiful as she is talented, her experience is valuable and her voice is needed. Experience K'Valentine and enjoy!
Venue Information:
Brooklyn Bowl
61 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11249

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