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Summer People (Album Release Show), The Can't Tells, Rewards (DJ Set) spinning before, between & after bands

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

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In the late summer of 2011, Drowners frontman Matthew Hitt found himself in New York City. He’s from a small town in rural Wales but New York is where Hitt feels most at home. “I just like the way things look here. I like the way things are done here. I like how late everything happens,” he says. New York’s signature up-all-night energy courses through Drowners’ self-titled debut, but there’s a sweet melancholy to the album as well.

In his down time, Hitt began writing songs that reflected this renewed interest in angular, compressed rock and roll. “The early songs came out really short – I thought, well, I’ve already sung the chorus twice I don’t need to do it again, that’s what makes it a chorus! I think that being in New York influenced what I was trying to do with economy in song structure and instrumentation. It’s like, here’s what I’m trying to say. Okay, I said it. Now it’s over. Onto the next one.” Gallivanting around downtown, Hitt also met likeminded souls, including future bandmates, Jack Ridley III (guitar, vocals,) Erik Lee Snyder (bass,) and Lakis E. Pavlou (drums).

It would take the better part of the next six months to secure the right record deal, but during that time the band gigged like crazy, ratcheting up their live prowess. They also released a well-received EP, Between Us Girls. By the time Drowners were in a recording studio to record their full-length debut, with producers Gus Oberg and Johnny T., they were ready. The first single off Drowners’ eponymous debut, “Luv, Hold Me Down,” is a propulsive slice of perfect garage pop. “It brings across this sort of jovial misery,” says Hitt, “It’s kind of pop, like a lot of the rest of the record, but lyrically, it’s not as shiny as seems.”

The other side of coin, according to Hitt, comes courtesy of the melodic and melancholy track “A Button on Your Blouse” which changes up the pace of Drowners’ self-professed brand of romantic aggression. “I always think of this one as our ballad even though it’s not even that slow,” says Hitt with a laugh. But it’s the cheeky grime of “Long Hair” that really showcases the easy, dirty thrill of Drowners.

While Hitt is responsible for the elegantly understated lyrics throughout the album – the kind that adhere to his Salinger-esque economy of words – he professes that everything changed as soon as recording began. When Hitt, Ridley, Snyder, and Pavlou began to play, Hitt’s initial blueprint and the band’s extensive punk music background melded, giving the album its true form. The group wanted to present something slightly different, says Hitt. “Our live shows are a lot more aggressive,” he adds, “With the album, we wanted to create like a sort of layered, fleshed out live show.”

The result is an album that’s equal parts playfulness and disquietude, toeing the line between music that sweeps the listener up, and lyrics that beg for their deep sensitivity and understanding. “Whether you think something is good or not is if you respond to it,” says Hitt. “I wanted to illicit a response, but I want them to get whatever they want from it.”
Summer People (Album Release Show)
Summer People (Album Release Show)
Summer People was formed in 2008 in Binghamton, New York. Their debut album "Good Problems" was released in 2010 on Red Leader Records. In 2011 their sophomore full length "Teamwork" was released on Low Light Records, coinciding with a tour to SXSW and multiple tours throughout the year. A split album with Cleveland, Ohio’s HotChaCha, "Do it.", was released on Exit Stencil Recordings in August 2011.

Summer People has toured relentlessly in their veggie-oil van, playing Austin City Limits, SXSW 2011 and 2012, the Foburg Music Festival, and countless shows throughout the East and Midwest. They have shared the stage with a diverse palette of artists such as Wavves, Future of the Left, Tera Melos, Young Widows, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Balance and Composure, The Octopus Project, Parts and Labor, Marnie Stern, Kayo Dot, Polar Bear Club, and—amusingly—Fountains of Wayne.

Summer People’s music has been described as "punk rock meets lounge-side crooner on a twisted bender from hell...blending painfully beautiful blues, erratic punk, and even rhythm-heavy salsa" and "recalling traces of the Cramps with a Nick Cave delivery." They have also been compared to “the Doors on steroids” by a sound guy in Texas. Summer People began writing their latest full length “Burn The Germs” in the summer of 2012. They recorded it in October 2012 with producer Hunter Davidson in Binghamton, New York. “Burn the Germs” took most of the aforementioned comparisons and clipped the bells and whistles, focusing on the raw aspects of their sound.

The Can't Tells
The Can't Tells
The Can’t Tells are a three piece band (think Gang of Four minus one) from Brooklyn performing music in the classical punk style but with modern conveniences. The sound is borne of an alternate reality where Elvis Costello was in Black Sabbath but everything else was the same; brash but lyrical, efficient yet melodic. Live, the situation is decidedly sweaty and relentess, punctuated only by instrutment switches or brief (apolitical) musings. Audience members can be heard to say “that was actually pretty good” and many help themselves to the band’s legendary merchandise.

The Can’t Tells met at music school but they promise to not talk about it too much. While at school they did, however, learn to work the microphone, and last year endeavored to create the next great American DIY record. The resulting full length, No Television, will be released in Spring 2013 on Medical Records (UK). It contains some fast and slower songs, and some that start slow but end up fast, expertly sequenced into an elegiac tone poem to life as a group of scrappy late-twentysomethings in Brooklyn.

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Rewards (DJ Set) spinning before, between & after bands
Rewards (DJ Set) spinning before, between & after bands
Rewards is Aaron Pfenning, producer and songwriter from Brooklyn, NY. Pfenning co-founded the band Chairlift in 2005, wrote and produced their Columbia Records debut Does You Inspire You, and has released his first Rewards single Equal Dreams featuring Solange Knowles, on DFA Records.
Venue Information:
Brooklyn Bowl
61 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11249

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