Conehead Buddha

Conehead Buddha


Friday, July 20th, 2012

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

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Conehead Buddha
Conehead Buddha
The band was formed in 1993, and became one of the country's "must-see bands." Having sold out shows all along the East coast, Conehead Buddha's fans are as diversified as the band itself. Originally intended as a Salsa dance band, Conehead's sound has flourished as a showcase for Rock, Ska, Funk, Pop, Latin and Hip-Hop music. However, their inimitable talent lies in using each style as a vehicle for catchy, powerful songs. It is the band's belief that these songs fused into an exhilarating live show create the perfect formula for attracting new fans while keeping their huge fanbase satisified...
Conehead Buddha has played over 1000 shows spanning 19 different states. By recognizing the distinctive personality of each audience, they are able to mold every show into a unique musical experience. After the last encore, Buddha fans often return home with one of their latest albums (if they know what's good for them that is)
Lucid was born in a small Adirondack town called Plattsburgh: a place every band should be so lucky to call home. The locals there love live music, and give it their unrelenting support, while several colleges in the area provide a constant stream of new listeners eager to participate in the party. The town is flooded with musicians in one of the tightest and largest (per capita) music scenes in any city in America. On a given Friday night one can walk out of a bar where pulsing mambo beats drive the audience from their seats, into another where a frenzied crowd thrashes to raging death metal, into another where a cover band plays 80s favorites, and likely you will be followed by one or more of these musicians as they hop from band to band to play with their friends for a song or two. It is in this diverse and supportive environment that Lucid grew into adulthood.

The central core of the band has been around for more than seven years, and while here have been lineup changes, Lucid's current roster has remained steady for the past three: James Armstrong (sax and vocals), Andrew Deller (keyboards and vocals), Kevin Sabourin (guitar and vocals), Chris Shacklett (bass and vocals), Ryan "Rippy" Trumbull (drums and vocals), and Lowell Wurster (percussion, harp, and vocals).

Past members of the band continue to remain a vital part of their infrastructure, aiding in anything from website design to stage production. These members include Jason Recore who ran sound and lights for several years, and Nick Sauvie who has also run sound and lights, as well as aided in t-shirt design, poster design, and the layout of this very website. Once a member of Lucid, always a member of Lucid.
Totally Pro

Honing their three p's (performance, production, and partying) over their seven years in the North Country, Lucid has become that total package: a band that can fit onto a postage stamp for an acoustic show; a band that can throw down in a backwoods bar for six hours; a band that can fill a hall or pack a field; and a band that knows how to work with a stage crew because they have the know-how and equipment to fully produce most events themselves.

Lucid is not afraid to roll up their sleaves and take on the entire production for an evening. They'll roll into your town, set up their full P.A. and lights, play the entire evening, then pack it all up again, and head on to the next gig. Over the years they have smartly reinvested in the band, making their P.A. state-of-the-art, and their light show fully adaptable to any situation. With their state-of-the-art equipment, they routinely make multi-track recordings of each live performance.

Lucid is also perfectly capable of fitting into a single quick set in a venue rapidly moving bands through an evening. They know how to backline their gear, set up, sound check, and break down in minimal time to make room for other bands in a tight line-up. Now veterans of the New York City scene, they have been truly tested, and have proven themselves time and again.about him and Jake's ideas and he started working on some new beats for LuciD. Landon reached out to Chris Tilley (hazoh), who had producing experience. One thing led to another and the name LuciD transformed from one person into a band.

LuciD really honed in on the grunge hop sound they were trying to find within themselves during a five-day session with Phil Taylor (Future Leaders of the World) and John LeCompt (Evanescence and We Are the Fallen) at Red Room Studios in Bentonville, AR. The album On The Record is comprised of everything from defining a "Rad Bro" to views on the state of the world and includes some personal heartbreak that the lead singer has dealt with. No song is alike on the album, and the band hopes to spark some
independent thinking from its listeners.

Due to artistic differences, Landon departed the band in Nov. 2011, the same night the band had a show. Chris (hazoh), being with the band for so long and knowing the music better than anyone, stepped in to DJ. At the end of that night's set, he was asked to be a permanent fixture in the band as the new DJ. There was no delay in progress—the band was practicing the very next week. The next show
they played together was the most electrifying and energetic show that LuciD has ever performed. They continue to mix up genre's performing with some of Springfield's elite hip hop artists and rock bands. They are very happy to see the revitalization of the Springfield music scene both on local and national levels.

The new album On The Record was released February 4th, 2012 at the Outland Ballroom in Springfield, MO. LuciD makes music that is considered rap/rock most made famous by Limp Bizkit in the 90's. Most people roll their eyes at this genre because of its predecessors but LuciD hopes to help bring back intelligence and purpose to that genre. 2012 is looking to be a great year for the trio with many events and upcoming shows they will be performing at.
Venue Information:
Brooklyn Bowl
61 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11249

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