Dimond Saints

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm (event ends at 11:30 pm)


This event is 21 and over

Tickets available at the door $20 cash only.

This event is 21+

As electronic influences continue to penetrate the live rock, jazz, and jam ethos, one band consistently rises to the top, bringing together fans from across the musical spectrum. EOTO crisscrosses the country blowing out basement dives, packed theaters, and stages under the stars. Throbbing bass and thudding beats are the signatures of this project from drummers Michael Travis and Jason Hann. Born out of their shared love of electronic dance music, EOTO's M.O. is to take the free-wheeling party vibe of a DJ set to the next level by using organic instruments, innovative performance technology, and uncharted musical exploration. Live drums, guitars, and keys, and vocals are mixed, remixed, and sampled on the fly using cutting-edge programs. This is all done without a script, and without a net.
Currently on the road with a fully-immersive and elaborate 3D 'Lotus Flower' stage design, with legendary VJ Zebbler, the band's evolutionary process has been thrust into hyperspeed, eclipsing standard acts in their wake. Each night fans are treated with a unique improvisational visual odyssey paired with equally mind-blowing improvised music. After unveiling their Lotus Stage at a sold out show at the House of Blues in Boston, MA - EOTO has taken the production to the road with stops in 100+ cities in 2012, as well as at some of the biggest Summer festivals in the U.S including Bella Music Festival, Lightning in a Bottle, Wakarusa, and Electric Forest Festival to name a few.
Hann and Travis are consummate road dogs, allowing their music to transform and build night after night. You can catch EOTO performing almost 200 shows a year each and every show, different from the last.
Dimond Saints
As the Full Moon rises, Dimond Saints release Howler, the final song from their Hunters Moon EP.
Howler is built on a foundation of wolves, where their hypnotic howls become intricate melodies combined, with swelling pads and deep 808s. One thing is certain, this will make you howl!

Dimond Saints - Howlersoundcloud.com|By dimondsaints

*No wolves were harmed in the making of Howler. Dimond Saints are not responsible for unintended consequences that occur because of listening to this song.

Dimond Saints is the new project of, An-Ten-Nae and his fellow, Dimond musician, Releece. Their grand romance with making music, pushing its boundaries, and innovative use of vocals, is garnering attention from A&R Reps and media outlets alike.

Even under the sunny warmth of the spotlight, Dimond Saints choose the moonlit path, shunning the confines of a record label. Releasing Chapter 1: The Rising as a free download, which is apart of their three chapter debut album Shingetsu, the Japanese term for new moon.

Dimond Saints have been releasing bonafide hit after hit since the first single released off of Shingetsu titled "We Diamonds," was devoured by fans and rose meteorically up the Hypem stairway all the way to #4. Dimond Saints' most recent remix of LAYLA effortlessly levitated itself to #1 on Hypem, making a total of 5 songs in just 4 months that have made the top 10 on the Famed Hypem, and garnered them over a Million plays on Sound Cloud. It is no wonder the media is gushing over the saints as they have already received over 2000 write-ups in global press, blogs and online publications. With a creative mine full of musical gems and a release schedule gaining more speed than a gushing, diamond avalanche, it seems as if even the moon is attainable for these Saints.
Venue Information:
Brooklyn Bowl
61 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11249

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