Nobody Beats the Drum

Governors Ball Music Festival and Red Bull Music Academy's Official After Party!

Nobody Beats the Drum

Cubic Zirconia, XXXChange, Brenmar

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

Doors: 11:30 pm / Show: 11:59 pm

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This event is 21 and over

NOTE: $5 advance, $10 at doors, $5 with a Governors Ball ticket stub on the night of the show

Nobody Beats the Drum
Nobody Beats the Drum
Nobody Beats The Drum are in the front line of Dutch electronic dance music. The three-piece electro outfit consists of Sjam Sjamsoedin, Jori Collignon, and Rogier van der Zwaag sharing the stage. While Sjam and Jori produce all the music Rogier produces all the video projections. Together, the trio delivers a uniquely unforgettable live audio/visual experience that has brought them high praise from trendsetters such as Kanye West, Vice Magazine and more. NBTD make their way to North America this spring for the finest in independent and electronic music gatherings, including SXSW, Ultra Music Festival, Sasquatch Music Festival, and Electric Forest.

To fully appreciate their fusion of breaks, electro, hip-hop and every other form of music that whips a crowd up into a sweaty, writhing heap of body parts, it's best to see NBTD live where the pounding music is enhanced by their one-of-a kind over-the-top visuals.

Known for years as the most exciting electronic act in The Netherlands, NBTD introduced the next level to their live stage-setup at the 2011 Amsterdam Dance Event, the Amazing 333'' TeleNovem Automaton, a bombastic 9 screen installation on which Rogier's live visual art is mapped and projected while Sjam and Jori simultaneously let the music explode. In 2012 NBTD will perform music from their pounding second album, Currents, as well as their debut, Beats Work, both of which critically-acclaimed throughout Europe. Accompanied by a stunning visual show mixed live to their music Nobody Beats The Drum is sure to be a name on any EDM fan’s lips across the world in short order.

Resistance is futile – Nobody. Beats. The Drum.
Cubic Zirconia
Cubic Zirconia
So this is how LuckyMe put it…
“So we went to SXSW with HudMo in March 2010 and the best band we saw by about 700 miles was Cubic Zirconia. Come on, this was Tiombe Lockhart’s new band. We’ve loved her sci-fi tinged, smarter than everyone soul music for years. Not to mention Nick Hook being a man of legacy, playing in bands for Drop the Lime and EL-P (Def Jux). It never occurred to us we would become friends with these guys, hang out, smoke a joint or eat steaks. So when we got back to Scotland and Nick hollar’d about the prospect of working together we were very honoured to sign these guys for an amazing LP featuring Bilal, Drop The Lime and DâM-FunK.”
“Seriously, this band will fuckin destroy your club, your concert hall, your living room. It’s acid tinged pop music that hints towards a tradition of great NYC loft parties and the vivacious structure of punk bands like ESG and Liquid Liquid. But you know, Cubic’s music is more than that. It’s not trying to be anything else than Nick Hook, Tiombe Lockhart, Daud Sturdivant & Justin Tyson going in as hard as they can. I mean, what shall we call it? We have to call it something – that’s the way of music journalism. Let’s go for ethnic disco.”
Baltimore-born DJ/producer Alex Epton (aka XXXChange) grew up surrounded by art and music. Both parents were artists and Epton claims ‘supported any vaguely creative endeavors on my part.’ Too busy taking music classes, he was surprisingly not very involved in the local club scene. It was really only when he left Baltimore for Boston’s New England Conservatory of Music that his interest grew. So much so that he ditched school and moved to New York to play in electronic punk outfit Zero Zero. The band, being produced by DFA, sparked Alex’s fascination with production, and he soon found himself transferring focus towards studio work. DFA took Epton on as an intern, and Alex then began spending all of his spare time on Zero Zero’s Pro Tools setup, applying his newly learnt production techniques to his own projects.

With friends Naeem Juwan, Ronnie Darko and Chris Devlin, Alex formed the highly acclaimed Spank Rock. He produced their first album Yoyoyoyoyo as well as subsequent singles.

Alex Epton now focuses on DJing (as XXXChange) and production. He has done remixes for the likes of Thom Yorke, Beck, !!! And Lady Sovereign. Epton has also produced albums and tracks for the Kills, Kid Sister, Amanda Blank, Naeem Juwan (solo work) and Pase Rock.
Brooklyn by way of Chicago based DJ and producer, Brenmar, represents a strange musical paradox. Somehow defying the odds, he marries the artificial gloss of commercial R’n’B with the urban grittiness of underground styles like Chicago footwork and UK bass. His releases on the Discobelle, Grizzly, and Enchufada labels have taken him to both coasts of the U.S., Canada Japan, and the EU – frenzying crowds with his up-tempo, neon-drenched tunes. Brenmar’s more ‘unofficial’ online releases have also been gobbled up by the taste-making blogs and DJs of the world. His recipe for success? Take a pinch of Mannie Fresh snares, a handful of DJ Rashad toms, a dose of basslines from the UK, a generous portion of Hot 97 vocalists, poach it all in a synthesizer broth, and garnish with some Timbaland sheen. You’re getting close.
Venue Information:
Brooklyn Bowl
61 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11249

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