11 Videos From The Wailers That Will Make You Feel Alright

Posted on Tuesday December 20th in


Bob Marley and The Wailers streamlined reggae music in a way that will move us forever. Song after song they are able to create a timeless message of love, unity, and respect, all while educating us via the power of music. Let these positive vibrations from The Wailers satisfy your soul and ease you into the New Year. Don’t miss your chance to see these reggae legends on Wednesday, January 11 and Thursday, January 12 at Brooklyn Bowl!

1. “Hey mister music, sure sounds good to me!”

2. “Singing, woe yoe yoe, woe woe yoe yoe…”


3. “Make you want to move your dancing feet.”

4. “Come on and stir it up.”

5. “Make love not war!”

6. “We’ve got a life to live!”


7. “I want to love you, every day and every night!”

8. “Freedom came my way one day”

9. “Is this love, is this love, is this love that I’m feeling!”

10. “Movement of Jah people!”

11. “Let’s get together, and feel alright!”



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