Nine Reason Why an Indoor Concert Is the Best Activity to Do on a Rainy Day

Posted on Wednesday November 18th in

Nine Reason Why an Indoor Concert Is the Best Activity to Do on a Rainy Day


Rain check? Not anymore. Rainy days have a tendency to make people stay at home bored out of their minds. Instead of watching Netflix in your sweatpants, create your own sunshine on a rainy day by going to see live music at an indoor venue. Need convincing? Here are nine of the best reasons you should break out your umbrella and head to an indoor concert!

1. Use the rain as a conversation starter.

Going to an indoor concert is the best place to meet up with your friends while also doing something you love, rocking out to live music! While you are waiting for your favorite band to take the stage the rain is the perfect topic of conversation to complain about, and bond with someone new who enjoys the same music as you. Because we all know, taste is music is always a deal breaker.


2. Bragging rights

On a rainy day most people stay inside. Switch things up by attending an indoor concert that all your friends will be jealous of. Remember, a concert photo on Instagram will get more likes than a photo of you on your sofa.


3. Support your local music venue

Local music venues thrive off the support of the local music scene. Small local venues can be affordable, intimate, and most of all fun! No more excuses!


4. A reason to dress up

Life is too short to blend in. On a gloomy day, take off those sweatpants and exchange them for something a little more fashionable. Plus, you now have an excuse to show off your colorful new umbrella.


5. Singing in the rain.

On the way to the show, the rain can set up the perfect setting for your very own Gene Kelly moment, so warm up your voice and start singing in the rain.


6. Concerts always have a happy ending

While cuddling up with your significant other on the couch can make for a romantic date night, it won’t be as romantic as a post-show kiss. Besides, nothing is as Hollywood-memorable than a long romantic kiss in the rain.


7. More room for dancing

On rainy days, some people might not be feeling as adventurous as you are. If there’s more space on the floor for you and your friends to dance, it will be the perfect time to break out your signature dance moves.


8. Huddle for warmth

Rainy days usually bring cold temperatures, and when it gets cold enough, it’s the perfect excuse snuggle. So what better place to huddle and get close to other people than at an indoor concert? Did someone say cuddle puddle?


9. Beauty in the rain

Something beautiful always comes out of a rain storm. While you’re strolling to an indoor concert, you might have the opportunity to see a rainbow. Or maybe even a double rainbow! All the way across the sky!



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