Five Songs That Will Make You Want to See Slum Village Right Now

Posted on Thursday January 21st in


Formed in 1996, Slum Village released their debut album, Fan-Tas-Tic, Vol. 1, independently. It was an instant underground classic, and the group’s first national release, Fantastic, Vol. 2, under their home label, Barak Records, was an immediate success with fans and industry tastemakers.

In honour of the hip-hop heavyweights playing Brooklyn Bowl London, we have compiled a selection of their greatest videos to date. Enjoy the Detroit beats layered with soul, and see the duo on Friday, 12 February!

1. “I Don’t Know” 
Recognise that beat? DJ Jazzy Jeff drops his signature bass.

2. “Conant Garden” 
Built on an addictive bassline, this track separated Slum Village from hip-hop contemporaries.

3. “Reunion” 
The track that had J Dilla back on the microphone.


4. “Fall in Love” 
Did you know Jay Dee, Pete Rock, and D’Angelo all produced Fantastic, Vol. II?

5. “Selfish”
Can you spot Yeezy?



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