11 Reasons Why Lettuce Should Be The First Show You See in 2016

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11 Reasons Why Lettuce Should Be The First Show You See in 2016

1. Because their is no place like home.

Lettuce is kicking off the New Year in their home court, Brooklyn. Get funky with them at Brooklyn Bowl before they take on the high seas aboard Jam Cruise 14

2. First show since the release of their new album Crush


3. Lettuce has been ”carving stone cold grooves since 1992” according to The New York Times

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 3.40.22 PM

4. They have not played Brooklyn Bowl in over a year

Lettuce returns to Brooklyn Bowl for this first time since December 2014, making January 1 and 2 their 14th and 15th show with us!

5. Because they never fail to do this:

download (2)

6. Their synergy of electronic music and funk runs deep

Members of Lettuce played with Pretty Lights Live Tour in 2015 with the Colorado Orchestra. This was easily the most high profile fusion of EDM and funk to date. It can be heard throughout their new album and will resonate within every body and soul on January 1 + 2.

7. They are well rested and ready to Rage!

They just came off an incredible 25 date winter tour and have had plenty of time to rest. They have reserved their energy and are more than ready to blow the roof off on January 1 + 2.

8. You’re going to “Blast Off!” into a funky dimension

Seeing Lettuce might make you want to Rage all night, Fly to the funk, and Crush a whole lot of fried chicken.


9. You should never miss a sold out show with Lettuce

This earth-shattering video of their sold out show at Red Rocks will make you never want to miss Lettuce live again.

10. Lettuce is the perfect solution for your weight loss New Year’s resolution


11. This GIF



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