RECAP: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead on October 6 + 7, 2017 at BBNY

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Week one of Fall Ball 2017 with Joe Russo’s Almost Dead has come and gone but the satiating music magic is still running through our veins. Something special happens when Joe, Marco, Scott, Tom, and Dave hit the stage at Brooklyn Bowl New York, and the entire community of freaks and beyond feed off of that energy. Whether you enjoyed the show live or streamed with close friends, there is a strong sense of musical kinship that connects us with this band. Tom Petty’s Runnin’ Down a Dream made it into the set list on the first night of week one at Fall Ball 2017, along with explorative jams, solos, and sing-alongs from the Dead songbook we know and love. We’re beyond excited for the continuation of #RADtober/#Rocktober with Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, but for now, let’s rejoice in the memories from the music shared last weekend…

Friday, October 6, 2017:

Photos Courtesy of John Wisdom
Facebook :: :: Instagram: @johnrwisdom


Photos Courtesy of Lou Montesano :: Instagram: @stillrockphotos

Set List October 6:
Set 1 (9:36PM – 10:56PM)
Shelter From The Storm
Jam ->
Good Lovin’ ->
Touch Of Grey ->
Fire On The Mountain ->
Cassidy @ ->
Cumberland Blues # ->
He’s Gone
Set 2 (11:31PM – 1:00AM)
Cumberland Blues Reprise ->
Alligator ->
Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues $ (DD) >
Casey Jones
King Solomon’s Marbles ->
The Eleven ->
Jam ->
Easy Wind %
Promised Land
@ – With St. Stephen & China Cat Sunflower Teases, Unfinished
# – With a Hoedown” (Aaron Copeland) Tease (MB)
$ – Bob Dylan Cover, First Time Played By Almost Dead, with “Like A Rolling Stone” And/Or ”Positively 4th Street” (Bob Dylan) Teases (MB)
% – Opened with the final chorus sung first.
Set List notes courtesy of Peter Costello.

Saturday, October 7, 2017:

Photos Courtesy of Andrew Scott Blackstein :: Instagram: @blacksteinphotography

Set List October 7:
Set One (9:34PM – 11:03PM)
Jam ->
I Need A Miracle ->
New Speedway Boogie ->
Playing In The Band @ >
Eyes Of The World @ % ->
Dancing In The Streets @ ^ ->
Brown Eyed Women & ->
Stella Blue Jam
Set Two (11:36PM – 1:01AM)
Uncle John’s Band @#$ +
The Other One @ ++ >
Cryptical Envelopment Jam @@ >
Terrapin Station Suite @#$ ##
Samson & Delilah @ *
@ – With Stuart Bogie on Tenor Sax
# – With Stuart Bogie on Flute
$ – With Stuart Bogie on Clarinet
% – With a Marco Solo that evolved into a Marco/Tommy Duet, a DD Bass Solo & the circa 1973 ending in 7, not played since (I think) 2013-01-26 at Brooklyn Bowl, a gap of 122 shows.
^ – With “Shortnin’ Bread” (James Whitcomb Riley), “Hoedown” (Aaron Copeland) Teases (MB) and an “Inspector Gadget” Theme (Shuki Levy and Haïm Saban) Tease (Band)
& – With Throwing Stones and Eyes of the World Jams / Teases (Band)
+ – Proceeded by a “Some Like It Hot” (The Power Station) Tease / Jam. That tune was continually referenced throughout the set. Also included a Duo Jam, and a “Becky” (Benevento Russo Duo) Jam
++ – With a “Roadhouse Blues” (The Doors) Jam, A “How Many More Times” (Led Zeppelin) Jam, a “Money” (Pink Floyd) Jam
@@ – First Time Played by Almost Dead as an Instrumental, with a St. Stephen Tease (SM) and an Uncle John’s Band Tease (DD)
## – With a The Wheel Jam, a Swingtown Jam (led by MB) & a “Some Like It Hot” (Power Station) Tease
* – With a “Battle Hymn of the Republic” (Julia Ward Howe) Tease (Stuart Bogie).

Set List notes courtesy of Peter Costello.

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