M83 Take It to the Next Level with Intimate Performance

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M83 :: 2016.04.16 :: Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas

M83 :: 2016.04.16 :: Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas

Fresh off performing on the opening night of Coachella, Anthony Gonzalez, better known as M83, made the short trek one state away for a much more intimate desert performance on Saturday night at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas. The venue buzzed with anticipation for the French producer and DJ’s first visit to Las Vegas in more than a decade, but it was quickly evident that Gonzalez and crew would offer an experience well worth the wait. Performing with an enthusiastic full band, M83’s set pulled heavily from 2011 breakout album Hurry Up We’re Dreaming, with deep fan favorites — including the eponymous song written for the 2013 film Oblivion — and some cuts off the recently released Junk rounding out the show.
M83 :: 2016.04.16 :: Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas

Throughout his career, the concept of balance has seemed to be a frequent component of Gonzalez’s work, in many forms. First, the balance between automation and live performance is central. On Saturday, the human element of the band’s performance created a natural and unprocessed excitement that can’t be replicated. Layered tracks complemented the live musicianship, filling in the sonic gaps of what could not be performed live, a musical feat frequently attempted but rarely with the success achieved during the night’s seamless incorporation. Second, the balance between nostalgia and progress was woven into every song. It’s impossible to separate Gonzalez’s music from the inspirations of his youth. Certain tracks felt directly pulled from a mid-’80s Saturday morning–TV dream sequence. While at the same time harkening to days past, M83’s eye is also set on a fantastic future, mixing modern samples and purely original melodies.
M83 :: 2016.04.16 :: Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas

And finally, ever present at an M83 performance was the balance between pop sensibility and the absurd. A recent review from the A.V. Club dubbed Junk Gonzalez’s “most challenging, best album to date.” His willingness to experiment without costing listenability raises M83 to a premier-level act. Visually, there was rarely a moment without stimulation. A seemingly fluid LED backdrop paired with spinning lightsaber-esque bulbs created a gawk-worthy environment completely enveloping the venue. With 15 years of experience behind them, it’s clear that M83 have been able to trim every ounce of filler from their hour-and-a-half performance, leaving only prime cuts for us fans to devour. —Chris Bitonti | @bitovegas

Photos courtesy of Wayne Posner


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