Ten of the Best Songs to Help Celebrate Summertime

Posted on Friday June 24th in

It’s officially the first weekend of summer ’16! Who’s got the audio cord? Cochran, the Beach Boys, Sly — we’ve got the classics on our summer set lists. But here’s a quick playlist of other great tunes celebrating our favorite few months of the year.

1. “Sound of Sunshine,” Michael Franti

Everybody who loves feel-good music owes it to themselves to experience the uplifting magic of Michael Franti’s music, especially this modern beach anthem.

2. “The Swimming Song,” Loudon Wainwright

While you’re showing off your back dive to your friends down at the lake, put this awesomely catchy Wainwright tune on repeat.

3. “Southern Nights,” Glen Campbell

Traveling anywhere down South this year? Here’s a fine oldie that Allen Touissant wrote about spending summers in Louisiana.

4. “California Sun,” Palma Violets

Or maybe you’ll be heading out to the Golden State sometime this summer? Blast this one from Palma Violets when you’re cruising down the highway.

5. “Summertime,” Busters

If anything, summer might be the most apt time of year to feel like a kid again. Here’s a great throwback that makes us feel just like that.

6. “Waitin’ on a Sunny Day,” Bruce Springsteen

No more waiting, Bruce. Summer’s here.

7. “High Summer,” Van Morrison

Did you know Van’s got at least one song for each of the four seasons? The one for summer sounds the sweetest to our ears right now.

8. “Summertime Rolls,” Jane’s Addiction

There are some summer days when you just want to lie back in the grass and watch the clouds drift past. Is there a better background jam for that than this?

9. “War,” Summer

Another laid-back relaxer, maybe for a cool summer evening.

10. “In the Summertime,” Mungo Jerry

Mungo Jerry’s superhit was one staple we just had to include. If there’s any song we know people will be blasting at the start of summer decades from now, it’s this one.


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