Seven Greatest Blackalicious Lyrics

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Originating out of Sacramento, Calif., hip-hop champions Blackalicious feature rapper Gift of Gab and DJ/Producer Chief Xcel. Known for their tongue-twisting lyrics that take the listener on a literary journey full of spirituality, they set themselves apart from other artists of the same genre. Instead of focusing on negative circumstances, Blackalicious focus on incorporating uplifting lyrics and positive vibes into their songs. Ahead of the duo’s show at Brooklyn Bowl London we’ve put together a list of Blackalicious’ greatest lyrics to date.


So if you’re blessed with the talent
Utilize it to the fullest
Be true to yourself and stay humble

“First in Flight”

Let your mind and your soul be free
Work to shine meet your goal believe
Spread that kind of L-O-V-E
Take some time off the lonely


The will to win, the spark within
The strength within the hearts of men
The drive to press, to strive for best, to rise
You’ve just arrived the quest is driven through

“If I May”

Ya soul was planted and it sprouted out above soil
And let the sun shine freely down
At times it looked like it wouldn’t
But the plant came to flourish
Now it’s standin’ on solid ground


Free your body know this ought to be open
Then lose control just let it happen then
Live at it and set it

“Swan Lake”

A scholar ain’t a scholar if he ain’t got scho-lastic
Education, and if not that, then learn from life
Beyond all of the material crap
A human ain’t a human if he doesn’t make mistakes

“Purest Love”

The most important time
Right now and ever after
The greatest expression
Is love, happiness and laughter


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