Rock ‘n’ Roll Would Be Lost without These 10 Lefties

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In honor of International Left Handers Day we have compiled a list of the most kick-ass, left-handed musicians that you probably didn’t know were in the left-handers club. Only about 10 percent of the population is left handed, which means about 1% of them are musicians (or something like that…).

1. Noel Gallagher of Oasis
Lefty, Noel Gallagher, claims playing guitar is the only thing he can do right-handed.

2. Duane Allman of Allman Brothers
Also dominantly left-handed, Duane taught himself to play righty which made his playing all the more special!

Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Corbiso

3. Paul McCartney of The Beatles
In a 1963 interview, Paul said,“The only thing I couldn’t cure myself of was being left-handed. I do everything with my left hand, and no matter how I try I can’t change the habit. I just seem to do everything back to front. I used to even write backwards.”

4. Carter Beauford of Dave Matthews Band
One of the most influential drummers, Carter Beauford is known for his open-handed style. This means that his left-hand leads on a traditional right-handed set-up.

Photo by Rodrigo Simas

5. Jimi Hendrix
Although naturally left-handed, Hendrix’s father refused to let him play lefty which ultimately led him to re-engineer his guitar by flipping and re-stringing a standard right-handed guitar.

6. Dick Dale
The king of surf rock shreds his guitar left-handed, don’t miss him in action at the Bowl on Saturday, August 19!

7. Paul Simon of Simon & Garfunkel
Although he writes with his left hand, Paul learned how to play the guitar with his right hand.

8. Kurt Cobain of Nirvana
As the poster child of 90s grunge music and teenage rebellion, playing guitar left-handed lent to his non-conformist image.

9. Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees
Gibb is another musician who is dominantly left-handed, although he too plays with the right!

10. Elvis Costello
Costello describes his left-handedness as, “It’s like the brain is not connected to the feet. I’m totally left-sided, I am completely left-handed, completely left-footed.”

Other lefties who have never stopped rocking our world include: Ringo Starr, Phil Collins, David Bowie, Lauryn Hill, Sting, and even Robert Plant!


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