7 of the Best Cheese Smothered French Fries You Need to Try

Posted on Wednesday July 13th in

In honor of National French Fry Day we give you a list of our favorite NYC spots who carry some of the most delectable potato and cheese combinations. To kick it off, we feature our very own cheese fry sensation…

1. Rock and Roll Fries, Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn


Brooklyn Bowl’s Rock and Roll Fries are a must if you’re hankering for crunchy, cheesy, savory deliciousness. Dive into layers of provolone and cheddar, sprinkled with cajun seasoning, and doused in house gravy. French. Fry. Heaven.

2. Chili Cheese Fries, Mikey’s Burger, Lower East Side
Get down and dirty with some Chili Cheese Fries from Mikey’s Burger. Smothered with robust beef chili, tangy cheddar, and sliced jalepeños, these fries will satisfy any level of hunger.

3. Blue Cheese Fries, Whitman’s, Manhattan


The Blue Cheese Fries from Whitman’s are drenched in a house-made blue cheese dressing — simple, cheesy, and delicious.

4. Ma Po Tofu Cheese Fries, King Noodle, Brooklyn


Tofu and fries?! Don’t be fooled, these are some of the most sought after fries in all of New York City. Swimming in schezuan-peppercorn infused sauce, succulent tofu, scallion, and American cheese, this snack provides the perfect punch of flavor and spice, your face might go numb.

5. Poutine, Mile End Delicatessen, Brooklyn

Look no further than the Mile End Deli for some of the tastiest poutine south of Montreal. Served classic or covered in smoked meat, this fry delight is a must for anyone who loves a cheese smothered potato stick.

6. Truffe and Asiago Fries, The Hideaway, Manhattan

Who says classy and cheesy need to be mutually exclusive? The Hideaway provides decadently rich white truffle fries showered with asiago cheese. Need we say more?

7. Chili Cheese Fries, Crif Dogs, Manhattan and Brooklyn


An oldie but a goody. Chili cheese fries can be found at most burger and hot dog joints, but Crif Dogs takes their spuds to another level.  Waffle fries submerged in layers of molten cheese and savory chili? Count us in.


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