6 The Skatalites’ Songs Ever Reggae Fan Should Know

Posted on Tuesday February 21st in


If you love reggae, consistently quote Bob Marley lyrics, but haven’t heard of The Skatalites, there might be a problem. Having performed in Jamaica since 1964, The Skatalites remain legendary influencers of Jamaican ska and reggae and continue to spread the musical spirit of Jamaica across the globe.

The Skatalites are no strangers to Brooklyn Bowl, having played 9 shows over the past 5 years and we’re very excited to welcome them back for their 10th show on Friday, February 24. The Skatalites are more than a band, they are a Jamaican institution, and these six songs serve as reminder of their incredible legacy.

1. Eastern Standard Time

2. Garden of Love

3. Rude Boy Dreams

4.”James Bond Theme”

5.”In The Mood for Ska”

6.”Guns of Navarone”

Listen to more amazing music from The Skatalites below…


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