14 ABB Lyrics That’ll Inspire You To Be Your Best Self

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The Allman Brothers Band have been considered pioneers of the southern rock and the jam band scene. Until their final show in 2014, the band played across the country to adoring crowds who relished their revolutionary rock ‘n’ roll sounds. Gregg Allman, who passed away just last year, was one of the greatest blues-rock singers of his generation. His childhood friend and bandmate, Butch Trucks, who helped lay the foundation for southern-rock drumming, also passed away just months before Gregg. The two shared a deep bond that carried them through a lifetime of friendship and music. To honor their far-reaching musical impact, we celebrate their legacy with the Friends of the Brothers featuring members of the Gregg Allman Band, Dickey Betts and the Great Southern, and more on Sunday, March 25 at Brooklyn Bowl New York. In anticipation of this upcoming tribute show, we ask you to join us in admiring their timeless music with some of their most inspiring lyrics that will encourage you to shine a little brighter, each and every day.

1. “Gotta let your soul shine, shine till the break of day”
Rainy days or sunshine rays, you gotta let your soul shine through!

2. “I’ve come to realize I still have two strong legs, and even wings to fly. So I, ain’t wastin time no more”
Time is precious, and so are you, so live life to the fullest

3. “Don’t be discouraged when the sun don’t shine, gotta keep on pulling, you gotta keep on tryin’, everybody’s got a mountain to climb”
Let the tough times be even more encouragement to keep reaching for the top!


4. “You know the whole world loves you when you’re dancing”
If dancing’s what makes you happy, never stop.

5. “You’re the sun and as you shine on me I feel free”
The day will be what you make it, so rise, like the sun, and shine!

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6. “But I want a spoon of your precious love, that’s good enough for me”
Let the healing power of love soothe your soul.

7. “Got to believe in believing, got to believe in a dream”
Betting on yourself is the best bet you could ever make.

8. “Cause I know there’s a God up in heaven who must love rock and roll”
Always remember to rock ‘n’ roll to the beat of your own drum.

9. “Gonna boogie all night; There ain’t nobody tell me that’s crime”
A little dancing never hurt nobody!

10. “The guitars they played and the singers made rhyme. It was a good time for being free.”
Music has many positive side effects, especially feeling free

11. “People can you feel it? Love is everywhere. People can you hear it? Love is in the air.”
Let your love radiate and watch how the world changes around you for the better.

12. “Their passions flowed like a deep running river. They had nothing left to lose and everything to gain”
Stay true to your passions, you’ve got nothing to lose

13. “Pull myself together, put on a new face. Climb down off the hilltop, baby, get back in the race”
You’re capable of anything you put your mind to. Now get out there and do it!

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14. “You’re my blue sky, you’re my sunny day.”
Aspire to be your own idea of a perfect day


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