The Wailers’ Dwayne “Danglin” Anglin Talks About Positive Vibrations and the Legacy of Bob Marley’s Music

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In traveling the globe, the Wailers, led by Aston “Family Man” Barrett, continue to keep Bob Marley’s legendary music and spirit alive nearly 35 years after the reggae icon’s passing. The Wailers’ latest tour brings them to Brooklyn Bowl for two special shows next week, performing Babylon by Bus on February 17 and doing Kaya on February 18. And lead vocalist Dwayne “Danglin” Anglin talked to Knockdown Alley about carrying on the legacy of Bob Marley’s music and performing in Brooklyn.

The Babylon by Bus tour was more than just a tour for the album — it also served as way to popularize reggae music in Australia, New Zealand, and across Asia. How does it feel to still be a torchbearer of Bob Marley’s music and to continue to bring reggae to the people? It’s an honor and a privilege to help Family Man carry on the legacy of the Wailers. It is truly a humbling experience for me to perform this legendary album with revolutionary and life-changing songs that inspire positive vibrations among people.

What’s your favorite track off Babylon by Bus? And does it ever change as you play the album live? Whichever song appeals to my mental and spiritual needs. It’s virtually impossible to pick a favorite.

And the night you play that album here, on the 17th, will the set list be similar to those on the Babylon by Bus tour? Or will your be playing selections from across Bob’s catalog? The set will feature the songs in the exact order of the album.

Like Babylon by Bus, Kaya also came out in 1978. Is there something specific about that era of Marley’s discography that speaks to you? Or is it just random that you’re playing those albums back to back? 1978 through the early 1980s was an era of intense political corruption in Jamaica. There was mass violence and poverty in the capital city, Kingston, and these two albums help to bring light to these events, inspiring positive change to the people.

What’s your favorite song off Kaya? “Sun Is Shining”

How do you keep music that’s now decades old vital and fresh after all these years? The people keep the music alive. They demand it, so we supply it.

What’s the best thing about performing live in Brooklyn? The crowds are high energy and enthusiastic about the music. It’s a musical feast of positive vibrations.


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