Q&A: Tragedy’s Mo’Royce Peterson Talks About New Music, the U.K., and Bringing Families Together

Posted on Tuesday March 15th in

Tragedy — New York City’s all-metal tribute to the Bee Gees and beyond — are coming our way to rock Brooklyn Bowl London on Saturday, 19 March. And ahead of their arrival, vocalist and lead guitarist Mo’Royce Peterson spoke to Knockdown Alley about touring the U.K., new music, and which of the Bee Gees would win a winner-takes-all cage match.

You’re known for raucous metal versions of soft rock and disco tunes. But do you ever flip it and slow-jam something like “The Number of the Beast” or “Night Train”? Yes! We find the rules, then we smash them to pieces. On the last album we turned “Crazy Train” into a beautiful, heartfelt power ballad. If it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, you have no soul.


And if you haven’t ever, do any songs come to mind that could work? I just thought of “The Number of the Beast” or “Night Train.” God, I’m smart.

You’re on tour right now in the UK. How does playing in cities like Liverpool and Manchester compare to performing in the States? Way more drunken lovin’, beer throwing, and fighting in Manchester and Liverpool. And the audiences can be somewhat different than NYC too.

This current tour ends at Brooklyn Bowl London, and you’ve already played here once before. Was there anything that memorably stuck out from that performance? And how did it compare to playing the original in Brooklyn? It kind of feels like a homecoming for us, having played the Bowl in Brooklyn so many times. Great food and beer. Top notch production. The comforts of home mixed with the special excitement of playing for the maniacs of London City for the tour’s ultimate gig!


And what are you most looking forward to about returning to London this time? Showtime. Sparkly men setting your hearts on fire!

Tragedy have released an album each of the last three years. Do you have any new music planned to come out this year? And will you be playing any of your own material when you get here on 19 March? Our fifth album is in the works. We are decimating some new stuff by Madonna and Hall & Oates on this tour. And reviving some Tragedy classics that we haven’t played in years.

Checking out your Facebook page, it sounds like you’ve been decimating every town you’ve visited. What’s the craziest thing you’ve gotten into after a show — on this tour or otherwise? Mother-daughter action has become the fashion for us lately. Usually one blatantly offers us the other, but we ain’t stupid — we can read between the lines. Tragedy bring families together.

In their prime, which of the Gibbs would’ve been victorious in a winner-takes-all Bee Gees cage match? You have a sick mind. I like it. Barry is obviously the last man standing, but that makes me too sad to even think about. Tragedy’s the Lord Gibbeth could take out anyone at any moment, and devour their organs.

What’s your best pitch for why someone who hasn’t seen you before should come watch you play Brooklyn Bowl London on 19 March? You are going to have so much fun. Your smile and physical arousal will last for days. You will be firmer, longer, wetter. Tragedy will drench you in glitter, and you will finally realize your full potential.


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