Q&A: Steven Adler Talks to Knockdown Alley

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Steven Adler rose to fame as the original drummer in Guns N’ Roses, performing on Appetite for Destruction and G N’ R Lies, as they were blossoming into the biggest band in the world. Since parting ways with them, he’s remained busy working on other projects and even appearing in reality TV before deciding to front his very own group. That band, AdlerJacob Bunton on vocals, Lonny Paul on guitar, Johnny Martin on bass and Adler on drums (naturally)—comes to Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas on Saturday. And to give us an idea of what we can expect, Steven Adler answered some questions for Knockdown Alley in advance.

You’re a self-taught drummer. Growing up, which drummers inspired you to get behind the kit? John Bonham, Roger Taylor and a ton of others. I’m such a huge music fan, I really have so many influences.

Back from the Dead came out in 2012. Do you have anything new in the pipeline? And do you ever road-test new music by playing it live before recording it? Yes, we have been recording again with Jeff Pilson producing. Eddie Trunk debuted one of our new songs called “Life Keeps Kickin’” on his show a few weeks ago. We plan on having a new record out in early 2016. We really don’t road-test any new songs live. We are still relatively a new band and we just want everyone to hear the songs from Back from the Dead. We’re really proud of that album!

Slash appeared on Back from the Dead. You played together in Guns N’ Roses—and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for it—and you’ve known each other since you were kids, so when get together musically, is it just like picking up in the middle of a conversation or do you have to ease it into it? It’s always easy! Slash and my friendship goes back a long, long time. It was an honor for him to play on my new record. Not only is he my friend, he’s also my favorite guitarist.

On Saturday, will you just be playing from Back from the Dead? Or will there be covers or even something from Appetite for Destruction? We will be playing songs from Back from the Dead as well as a few songs from Appetite. We like to change things up.

Do you have any crutches when writing a song—are there ever certain words or styles you feel you lean on too much? No, I just do what feels good. Music is all about feel. There might be similar fills and grooves that I do, but that’s my style.

If we give you a buck, which three songs would you put on the jukebox? “Go All the Way,” the Raspberries, “Killer Queen,” Queen, and “Last Child,” Aerosmith. —R. Zizmor | @Hand_Dog


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