Fan Q&A: Break Science Talk About Dream Venues, Inspirations, and Their Sound

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The Brooklyn-based electronic duo Break Science will be doing two sets a night at Brooklyn Bowl on Thursday and FridayThursday’s show as Manic Science, alongside Manic Focus, and Friday’s appearance as the Break Science Live Band, featuring members of Lettuce and other guests. Break Science’s Adam Dietch (drums, keys, and programming producing) and Borahm Lee (keys, DJ, and programming producing) both talked to Knockdown Alley about what producers overlook and collaboration plans.

Do you have plans to collaborate with Manic Science or other artists in the coming year? We plan on collaborating with more vocalists and other producers who inspire us. We found ourselves creating with established artists like Pretty Lights and Manic Focus, and newcomers like Brass Tracks and Dreamers Delight.

What is the biggest thing producers overlook? The biggest thing producers overlook is the incorporation of live instruments. We try so many techniques to get different instruments sounding as raw as possible so the textures of the sounds that are outside the box really complement the soft synths and more electronic-based sounds.

Will either of you be participating in the Pretty Lights analog-band stops this year? We both enjoy being a part of the PL Analog Future Band and will be doing some dates with the producer-DJ-band hybrid this year.

What’s a dream venue you have yet to play? We have yet to play Madison Square Garden in NYC. That would be a dream! Also, Carnegie Hall.

Where do you find inspiration? We find inspiration in everything from breathing to eating, performing, reading, and researching, listening to an old jazz record or a brand new producer on SoundCloud. Inspiration strikes at any time. We try to inspire each other with our individual styles of producing and then make it into Break Science.
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What was your favorite Break Science show and favorite live-band show? Electric Forest this past year was special. Dam Funk played right before us and got the vibe right. We also got to play Basslights in Virginia. There was an insane amount of energy in that arena!

Does Adam Deitch enjoy playing standing up or sitting down more with Break Science? Adam: I enjoy playing drums live both standing and sitting. It’s way more exercise to be up and dancing while playing. It’s a great workout!
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