Brooklyn Bowl London Presents “In-Between Sets” with Zebrahead’s Ben Osmundson

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Zebrahead have been staking their own claim in the overlapping land of punk and rap for 20 years. And with their upcoming 12th studio full-length due to arrive next month, the Orange County, Calif., five-piece are soon to embark on a European tour, which brings them our way to play Brooklyn Bowl London on 28 November. But before they do, the band’s bassist, Ben Osmundson, answered some questions.


1. What’s your favorite after-show meal?
Unfortunately, it is pizza and beer. Both of which lead to you being
fat and fatter. So on the next tour I am going to try to make better
life choices? Actually … doubt it … I am gonna stick with the strict
diet of amazing food campaign.

2. If you could choose one song to play when you enter a room, what song would you choose?
Europe, “The Final Countdown.” There is something so amazing and majestic about that keyboard line. Makes you smile, laugh and all round happy in one second. Seriously, try it.

3. Who’s your favourite active musician/band today?
I would have to go with Green Day on this one. We have had the opportunity over the years to play a few shows and festivals with them and I was blown away. I grew up listening to them, and to me they will always be the one band I get excited to see the most. We have met them a few times and they we really nice, which helps. ’Cause when you meet your favourite band and they are dicks, it kinda ruins it.

4. What artist or band today would you want to collaborate with?
We just did a really fun one with Man with a Mission, a great Japanese band. It ended up being supereasy and comfortable. Rather enjoyed it. So I think we would be up for almost anything.

5. What musical moment do you wish you saw in history?
I would have wanted to be at the US Festival here in the States.
Van Halen! I have seen the footage on Youtube and it looks amazing.
So many damn people.

6. If you weren’t a musician, what job would you choose?
I honestly have no idea. I ask myself that a lot and it always makes me sad. Music has always been what I really, really enjoyed. I had an office job for a bit right out of college and I hated life. Had to wear a suit and tie and the whole deal. I never learned to tie a tie to protest … as I thought if I learned how to do it I would do that forever. Now when I go
to weddings I look like a slob!

7. Would you rather live underwater or in outer space?
Underwater! I love the ocean and everything about it. Easy question for me. Give me a nice beach, decent waves, and a mai tai, and I am happy.

8. What song can you not get out of your head today?
The sound of my alarm and the loud ringing noise. I hate mornings
and it is still early here. I need to change it to “The Final Countdown”
and I will enjoy life a lot more.

9. If you could travel in time, would you rather go to the
future or to the past?

Future. Who wants to live in the past? It has already happened.
Go to the future and make things happen. I may not change
the world but at least I will die trying.

10. How do you define success?
That is answered with a smile. If you can smile and say you enjoy your life, you win.  If you can’t, change it. It is never too late.


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