In honor of Earth Day 2019, we’ve put together a list of 10 ways you can be more sustainable in our amazing city of New York. As the first L.E.E.D. certified bowling alley and recipient of Oceanic Global’s The Oceanic Standard Straw-Free certificate, Brooklyn Bowl Williamsburg takes pride in paving the way for a more sustainable New York City. As the five boroughs slowly become greener, we want to help you find your way to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. We all lead busy lives in the city that never sleeps, but there are still simple ways to do your part and make a difference when it comes to our environment and our community. This Earth Day, join us in sharing ways to be more sustainable. 1. Compost with your local Greenmarkets

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Local greenmarkets are incredible for local farm-to-table shopping. Not to mention, it’s typically cheaper to buy fresh produce from a farmers market! New Yorkers are lucky enough to have companies like GrowNYC who collect compost at almost all of their greenmarkets around the city. Check out their guide to composting in NYC. Locals can compost at McCarren Park Greenmarket on Saturdays from 8AM-2PM. 2.  Always keep a reusable bag and mason jar on you Going food shopping or grabbing your daily cup of cold brew? Eliminate unnecessary waste by keeping a reusable bag and mason jar on you! You’ll get $0.10 back for bringing your bag to Whole Foods and $0.05 back at Trader Joe’s, plus you get to enter their weekly raffle for a $25 gift card. Another perk, almost every barista will appreciate your mason jar and efforts to be less wasteful. Trust us, your day will always start on a positive note with a waste-free coffee.   3. Simply say no to straws Many establishments all over the city have already hopped on the "no straw" movement, including Brooklyn Bowl! For bars that still offer plastic straws, simply say no or bring your own reusable straw. 4. Spare yourself the utensils when ordering Seamless, GrubHub, Postmates... you know the drill Food delivery services have made it easy to say no to plastic utensils. With one check of a box, you can cut down your consumption of single-use plastic. Whether its using bulk condiments instead of the tiny packages or making the commitment to bring reusable utensils to work, forgoing the plastic extras will save the earth and the restaurant money. A win-win! 5. Shop local and vintage Shopping local and vintage is often times a lifestyle trend in our neighborhood, aka hipster nation. But with a plethora of vintage stores, green markets, farm-to-table restaurants, and cafes, as well as zero-waste stores like Package Free, you’ll be able to shop second-hand and minimum waste all while supporting your local community. 6. Avoid the bag at the bodega Do you really need that bag to hold your water bottle? Plastic bags have become a huge problem when it comes to plastic pollution. As we mentioned above, a reusable bag is always great to keep on your person when in need. Speaking of drinks on-the-go, invest in a refillable water bottle. You'll save money and the planet! 7. Volunteer for a park or beach clean up New Yorkers produce a lot of trash, and unfortunately, some of it ends up on our shores. Next time you hit up the Rockaways or one of our city's beautiful parks with friends, bring a bag to pick up leftover litter or join an official cleanup crew. Spend the day walking in nature, feeling the rays, and most importantly, contributing to the preservation of local wildlife. 8. Take mass transit This is an easy one for New Yorkers. Whether your Citi-biking, busing, walking or taking our trusty L Train, you're already doing your part to be more sustainable and eco-friendly. Read why public transit is better for the environment directly from the Federal Transit Administration. 9. Switch your electricity to renewable resources through your energy provider Part of Global Energy, LLC and an offshoot of ConED, NY Clean Energy is an accessible green alternative to traditional energy. By opting into powering your house, apartment, or business with national and New York wind for only a couple cents more, you can contribute to the green movement. Or use companies like Drift, who are helping make renewable energy more accessible regardless of your current energy provider. 10. Read up on NYC's official eco-friendly efforts New York’s official office of sustainability has city-wide, funded efforts to help the environment, and staying informed can help you not only see where your tax money is going, but also keep you informed about official movements. From reading about NYC’s roadmap to reduce greenhouse emissions 80 percent by 2050 to keeping tabs on their solar partnerships throughout the city, this official government resource is where updates and resources on sustainability live.