Workout, Slam Donahue


Slam Donahue

Nicos Gun, Free Entry Before 7:00PM

Tue, March 5, 2013

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Tickets Available at the Door

This event is 21 and over

tickets available at the door. cash only.

Facebook comments:

In June 2011, The New Yorker called the band WORKOUT “a hyperactive rock monster” and compared their music to a love child of David Bowie and Roky Erickson. But all flattery aside, this isn’t quite the full picture. This is a Brooklyn band in the grandest tradition of Rock and Roll here to break some hearts and unleash wild times. Featuring Jack Killen on vocals and piano, Alexander W. Forbes on guitar, Jason Langdon on bass and Tim Traynor on drums, this four-piece fills rooms with their anthemic odes on love, death and fantasy. These are big songs with finger-tapped guitar solos, sing-along choruses, foot-stomping chants and enough wild noise to make any bar break out into a brawl. Their self-titled debut album, featuring “Bottom Barrel Boys”, was released on September 24th 2011, twenty years after Nevermind and can be purchased only at your local N.Y.C. bodega or on-line at the band’s website. With hardly any of the songs being under the 5 minute mark, you can tell these guys really want you to get your money’s worth – strap yourself in for the ride and help put the classic back in Rock.

Slam Donahue
Slam Donahue
Slam Donahue is a New York City based band led by singer/guitarist David Otto and bassist Thomas Sommerville. They build their identity out of bootlegged recording programs, department store keyboards, and keen, thoughtful melodies. After meeting as youths, playing in rival bands, and then finally collaborating; the duo’s skills grew to complement each other in their attempts to test pop music’s conventions. Sometimes skirting into new wave, R&B, hip hop, they are after something new and beautiful.

The two ceaselessly try to one-up the other, pushing towards a sound defined by the sharpest of hooks and exactly the right atmosphere. Self taught and studied under the usual cavalcade of your parent’s sixties/seventies icons, John Lennon, David Bowie, Paul Simon, as well as an enthusiastic interest in the history of pop music, idolizing Irving Berlin, Joe Meek, and David Byrne, the band quickly raised attention with eclectic live shows and free cdr mixtapes. Outpacing their surroundings, house parties and dive art spaces, they moved on.

Leaving a trail of short-lived band members and meticulous, though admittedly lo-fi, home demos, the duo arrived in New York in the summer of 2010. Carrying songs that ranged from pop anthems, complete with the requisite big bang chorus, to burners with get busy hi-hats and falsetto acrobatics, the band ran their way through countless back rooms and showcases.

Signing with Cantora Records in 2012, Slam Donahue finds a new, much nicer home to record in. The old place was well documented in those demos; you could hear the bounce of the walls, our feelings at the time. But, the new place has more promise and a bigger backyard.

Nicos Gun
Nicos Gun
2011 brought the debut of NICOS GUN with Full Length album "PLUSH", many music videos, and constant shows and touring playing venues/festivals such as Red Rocks Ampitheatre, Deluna Festival, 4th of July in Philly Parkway (with the Roots, Earth Wind and Fire..), The Roots Picnic, Camp Bisco, Gathering of the Vibes, and many more sharing bills with such names as : Weezer, Janes Addiction, Cut Copy, Diplo, Ariel Pink, Free Energy, Morning Teleportation, Yeasayer, Ratatat, DFA 1979, Holy Ghost!, Wiz Khalifa, Big Boi, Rusko, and many more. Now in 2012 NICOS GUN continues touring and splitting time recording between Los Angeles and Philadelphia working on our 2nd full length album.

"If you could distill the feverish intensity of an all-night rager and alchemize it into a musical form, then you'd get a sense of what to expect from Philly-based foursome Nicos Gun...Fusing punk rock energy with a genre-jumping eclectic mix of psych-pop, funk and glam rock, Nicos Gun wants their fans to have fun enjoying their sound." - Relix

"If #sxsw is where the world meets the future, then we'd like to introduce the future to Nicos Gun." - Spinner

"With oodles of talent, an incredible live show and a super-sized love for Prince many things rhythmic, Nicos Gun brings together elements of New Wave with electronic dance music. File under: not afraid to entertain." - Paste Magazine

"Nicos Gun mine the musical territory of electronic dance rock. Though the sound of the band recalls elements of the past, they are a band of the moment. The full-force funk of songs like "Dirty Girl," and "Soldier" bring to mind the R&B music of Prince, with its funky rhythmic bottom and slinky, chicken-scratch guitar riffs. On songs like "Control," the sinewy synthesizer lines drive the beat bring to mind the lock-step electronic grooves of LCD Soundsystem." - WXPN

"Nicos Gun got the crowd energized with their own bounce and raucousness. More streamlined then their tour mates, the Philadelphia based band seesawed between electro-tinged dance floor anthems and Velvet-Underground inspired hazy rockers.... The polish of the dance numbers were dirtied up with a surprisingly non plagiarized rock attitude and the guitar freak outs of lead singer/guitarist Barney Cortez......"
- Brooklyn Vegan (Review from Brooklyn Bowl)