Sepultura, Prong

Saturday, May 20th, 2017

6:00 pm

$25.00 +

This event is 18 and over

$25 in advance. $30 day of show.

$130 meet & greet.


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The forbearers of thrash resemble a Lovecraftian brotherhood. They’re the elder gods who set everything in motion for generations to imitate, while still ruling the roost from on high. TESTAMENT stand proudly among the same vanguard that boasted “The Big 4” and beyond. For over three decades, the Bay Area quintet - Chuck Billy (vocals), Eric Peterson (guitars), Alex Skolnick (guitars), Steve DiGiorgio (bass), and Gene Hoglan (drums) - has consistently delivered unadulterated, unbridled, and unbreakable metal in its purest form without compromise or any signs of slowing down. Over the course of seminal releases ranging from "The Legacy" and "Practice What You Preach" to "The Gathering" and "The Formation Of Damnation", which won “Best Album” at Metal Hammer’s 2008 Golden Gods Awards, the group’s sales exceeded 14 million worldwide with 2 million in the U.S. alone. Most recently, 2012’s critically praised "Dark Roots Of Earth" assaulted the charts, moving over 20,000 first-week copies and seizing #12 on the Billboard Top 200, the band’s highest U.S. chart bow ever. However, in 2016, TESTAMENT return with more teeth than ever on "Brotherhood Of The Snake" (Nuclear Blast). “The first record is always classic because you form the band, you’re totally into it, you go through the club scene, find yourself, and write your initial album over multiple years,” explains Eric. “Then, you get signed and end up in a cycle. We took some time to do "Brotherhood Of The Snake", and it shows. Different influences came in. Normally, there are a few straight ahead thrash songs. We haven’t had this many thrash tracks since 'The Legacy'. It’s a new era.”

“I view TESTAMENT like I did when we started,” adds Chuck. “I’ve been fortunate to be doing this for over 30 years. It means a lot. We’re just going to continue doing what we do.” Following a whirlwind of touring in support of "Dark Roots Of Earth", the guys began individually writing in late 2013. In between a rigorous tour schedule, new music organically assembled. During the spring of 2016, they hit the studio with Juan Urteaga (MACHINE HEAD, EXODUS) and quickly cut the album’s 10 tracks. “Having separate periods to write set it apart,” Eric continues. “Everybody played hard. Chuck really surprised me and belted out stuff that’s more melodic over the heavy speed metal riffs. It blended really well together.” “It does flow,” Chuck agrees. “There’s a lot of musicianship going on there, and I was finding hooks in the moment. I was able to feel it and just go.” The record commences on a deadly note with the title track. A whiplash-inducing riff catapults Chuck’s unmistakable growl forward before snapping into mind-numbing leads. It’s a brutal breakneck basher on par with the band’s best. “It was actually one of the first songs we put together,” says the singer. “Once we heard it mixed, we were all like, ‘Wow, we have the direction we’re going in. It’s really heavy.’” Elsewhere on the record, 'The Pale King' gallops ahead on an apocalyptic barrage of drums and guitars before culminating on an unshakable chant. “It was really natural,” smiles Eric. “It has that old school vibe, but this new energy to it. It never lets up. I love that!” "Brotherhood Of The Snake" concludes on the crushing yet cinematic 'The Number Game,' which evinces Chuck’s knack for a vivid lyrical story. “I actually wrote it with Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza,” he recalls. “I had that chorus, and it was one of those things where it had to be repeated. It’s 14 days and 14 nights where this guy’s on a killing spree. He does a countdown, and your life is based on the number you are. It was trip.” A fascinating concept rears its head during many of »Brotherhood Of The Snake«’s key moments, nodding to the mythical race from which the record it shares a name. “There’s a connection between the alien world and religion, and the whole storyline came from it,” explains Chuck. “There’s a story of a Sumerian race 6,000 years ago that went on crusades to basically dethrone religions. The earth was basically the place where their leader, 'The Pale King,' set people to be imprisoned and mine for gold. It got the ball rolling.” Ultimately, this »Brotherhood« remains as powerful as ever. “If a TESTAMENT fan knows our history or has followed our last couple of records, they’ll hear the progression,” the frontman leaves off. “Everything is right there and in-your-face. That’s the way it should be with us.”
Class is eternal and metal is forever. The road to heavy music glory is littered with the shattered corpses of those that didn’t have the strength to complete the journey. But true masters always win through, and Sepultura have long since earned their status as legends of the metal world. In 2017, they return with more fire in their collective belly than ever before. Machine Messiah is coming… Formed in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, in 1984, Sepultura swiftly became major players in the burgeoning thrash metal underground. With a sound that was as inventive and exuberant as it was raw and primitive, the band shattered preconceptions by planting South America firmly on the metal map, as early albums like Morbid Visions, Schizophrenia and Beneath The Remains helped to shape the sound of this new, brutal strain of heavy music. With a dogged devotion to touring anywhere and everywhere, Sepultura steadily built up one of the most dedicated fan bases on the planet, and while the ‘90s caused many metal bands to struggle creatively and commercially, the Brazilians went from strength to strength: both 1993’s Chaos AD and its groundbreaking follow-up Roots in 1996 were instant classics and have since proved to be hugely influential on several generations of metal musicians. The departure of frontman and founder member Max Cavalera in 1997 could easily have derailed a less focused outfit, but the recruitment of vocalist Derrick Green later that same year proved to be a masterstroke. The last two decades have seen Sepultura evolve, diversify and thrive, releasing a steady succession of devastating records that have added great depth and diversity to the band’s illustrious catalogue. From the scattershot euphoria of Green’s first album Against in 1998 and the snarling groove barrage of 2003’s Roorback to the gleaming, riff-driven futurism of 2011’s Kairos and the Ross Robinson-produced mutant extremity of the widely acclaimed The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart, released in 2013, Sepultura’s progress has been perpetual and their artistic integrity impeccable. Ever more revered as a destructive and exhilarating live band, the current lineup of Derrick Green, guitarist Andreas Kisser, bassist Paulo Jr. and drummer Eloy Casagrande recently celebrated Sepultura’s 30th anniversary with an unrelenting world tour that confirmed beyond doubt that the Brazilian crew are on the form of their lives right now. Fast-forward to 2017 and Sepultura are poised to release an album that promises to once again reaffirm the band’s status as standard bearers for heavy music. Recorded with esteemed producer and engineer Jens Bogren (Opeth/Kreator/Ihsahn/Paradise Lost) manning the controls, Machine Messiah is not just the band’s 14th studio album – a remarkable enough feat in itself – but it is also quite simply the most complete and absorbing album the band have made in the Derrick Green era. Thrillingly broad in musical scope but always firmly rooted in the spirit and fire of no-nonsense heavy metal, it is clearly an album that the band have crafted with great love, passion and determination. “We worked a lot in Brazil, doing as much pre-production as we could, to make it as complete as possible,” Andreas Kisser explains. “So when the producer comes, he comes with his suggestions and ideas and we refine the songs and then finally record it all. Jens was an amazing addition to the project. He’s a great producer. He’s very attentive to the details. I’m very happy with the sound – Jens mixed the album as well, in Sweden. We had an amazing time over there. We’re very excited about this record and we can’t wait for the it to come out!” Ranging from the stately menace of the slow-burning title track and the heads-down fury of classic thrasher I Am The Enemy to the esoteric percussive riot of Phantom Self and the monstrous dark metal behemoth of Sworn Oath, Machine Messiah strikes an exquisite balance between delivering the goods and veering joyously off-piste. An album of meticulously crafted songs, but also of jaw-dropping individual moments, it reaches an epic and invigorating crescendo with the glowering,nightmarish Cyber God, as one of Kisser’s finest ever solos spirals, soars and fades to black. A towering achievement and a bona fide team effort, Machine Messiah may just be the finest Sepultura album yet. “There are lots of new elements on this record, and that’s something we always do,” says the guitarist. “We always put 100% energy and passion into it. We talk about everything a lot, especially when it comes to the lyrics and finding the best way to express what we want to say. Derrick did his best job on this record. His voice sounds amazing and he can really sing! He really took over the lyrical part this time, too. Everyone was really professional. Even Paulo worked on his bass arrangements at home by himself, which he’s never done before! That’s what we need in Sepultura. I think this is one of our best albums, because it’s a real band effort.” Armed with their finest album in decades and itching to get back on the road to share their new music with the faithful, Sepultura have never been in such a confident and content state of mind. Machine Messiah emerges into a troubled world, but its extraordinary contents are guaranteed to lift the spirits of any loyal metalhead. This is metal with a giant heart, a head full of inspiration and one foot planted squarely on the accelerator. The messiah is coming. Praise be! “It’s a privilege to be in a band like Sepultura, 32 years into a career, and these are possibly the best times of all for us,” says Kisser. “It took a long time after Max left, we lost everything, so it took a while to rebuild everything and to find the right people to do stuff for us, but we’re in a good place now and we’re really excited about 2017. I love touring, man! We can’t wait to get back out there. Onstage is where the time stops and you lose your connection with reality and go somewhere else, and you have that exchange of energy with the crowd. It’s life - pure life.”
After a self-prescribed hiatus, 2012 saw PRONG blow the hinges off the door with the release of “Carved Into Stone”. Seemingly out of nowhere, Tommy Victor and company managed to combine all the previous elements of the band’s formula: thrash, hardcore, industrial metal, etc. with a new urgency and angst that struck a deep nerve with the band’s loyal fan-base and beyond. The band marched onwards with 2014’s highly acclaimed “Ruining Lives” which spawned a number of instant classics. “Turnover”, “The Barriers” and the title track became staples in their live set when embarking on a bone breaking schedule of concerts around the world in support of the record. A video for “Remove, Separate Self” was released creating even more interest in this significant recording. Recorded over the summer of 2014 and released in early 2015, PRONG’s cover album “Songs From The Black Hole” was loved by fans and critics alike. Always game to make the unexpected move, the album featured songs from artists as diverse as Hüsker Dü, The Bad Brains, Black Flag, The Sisters Of Mercy and Neil Young. After yet another headline tour, it was straight back to the studio for another studio album. Just days after mixing was completed, PRONG went on the road with Danzig and SuperJoint Ritual in North America and released the first single “Ultimate Authority” on the day the tour began. “X – No Absolutes” is PRONG at their very best. The sheer intensity and ferocity of the albums opening triumvirate “Ultimate Authority”, “Sense Of Ease” and “Without Words” leaves the listener gasping for air. The title track is crunchy and catchy at the same time. “Do Nothing” may be as close as you will ever hear PRONG get to a ballad and shows the enormous progress and confidence Victor has made vocally. It is hard to find a weak spot here, notably Victor mentions that “sequencing the album was a difficult task; every song is so strong in it’s own way“. Again produced by Tommy Victor, this time with trusted collaborator Chris Collier as co-producer and engineer, “X – No Absolutes” also broadens the horizon sonically. With over 55 headline shows already announced for right after the album release, PRONG can seem to do everything but stand still. Tommy Victor talks about “X – NO ABSOLUTES”: PRONG is excited about the upcoming release of our tenth studio release of new material, “PRONG X – NO ABSOLUTES”. It seems as though our recent records keep getting better and this new recording definitely appears to be a testament to this. PRONG has maintained aggression while tackling the challenge of creating classic songs and anthems in the past, but we have gone even a step further with this mentality on “NO ABSOLUTES”. Here you will find a collection of riff intensified crushers, furious barn burners, and fist pumping sing-a-longs. Also, this record exhibits even more technical proficiency, showing progress again on all fronts. We feel the listener needs to be excited about every lyric, performance, sound, etc. for the duration of the record. This record throws a powerful punch, yet we feel it to be memorable and in demand of future listens with it’s energy, strong production and overall catchiness. Our themes on this record will certainly inspire some thought. Whether it be a dose of self discovery, a dialogue of a personal challenge or a viscous finger pointing at what we believe to be a falsehood, those attentive to messages and lyrics in general will be supplied. And we feel they will be compelled to shout aloud with, mimic a riff, sing along or cry out in pain with “PRONG X – NO ABSOLUTES”!
Venue Information:
Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas
3545 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV, 89109

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