6 The Skatalites’ Songs Ever Reggae Fan Should Know


If you love reggae, consistently quote Bob Marley lyrics, but haven’t heard of The Skatalites, there might be a problem. Having performed in Jamaica since 1964, The Skatalites remain legendary influencers of Jamaican ska and reggae and continue to spread the musical spirit of Jamaica across the globe. The Skatalites are no strangers to Brooklyn […]

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6 GIFs That’ll Foreshadow Your Every Move at Escort


A band that makes you hit the dance floor with no care of who may be watching is hard to find, but that’s why we have Escort. Their explosive disco beats will awaken both your inner groove and diva, and you won’t be mad about it. In anticipation of two disco-house-bangers on Friday, January 27 […]

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Brooklyn Bowl New York’s Year In Video 2016

DSC_7611 (1)

2016 was full of highs and lows. From surprise shows like Usher and The Roots, and John Mayer dropping in to jam with Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, to soulful gatherings to mourn Prince and Phife Dawg at DJ Questlove’s Bowl Train, we came together between these four walls to celebrate the power of music. We’ve […]

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11 Videos From The Wailers That Will Make You Feel Alright


Bob Marley and The Wailers streamlined reggae music in a way that will move us forever. Song after song they are able to create a timeless message of love, unity, and respect, all while educating us via the power of music. Let these positive vibrations from The Wailers satisfy your soul and ease you into the […]

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5 Michael Jackson Videos to Get You Groovin’


On Wednesday, December 21, The ChillFam Allstars will pay tribute to one of the greatest musical geniuses to walk the earth, Michael Jackson. The ChillFam Allstars is a Supergroup conceived at The Catskill Chill Music Festival. This collective involves members of Pink Talking Fish, Turkuaz, Kung Fu, Particle, Deep Banana Blackout, Elise Testone and more. Their Michael Jackson […]

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The Brooklyn Bowl Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 5.30.04 PM

Have a friend or loved one that lives and dies for live music,  but you don’t know which show is the perfect gift? We’ve broken down our upcoming shows by genre to simplify bringing the live music experience to your favorite people this holiday season! The Classic Rock Radio Fan Zeppelin Bowl DEC 28 Several […]

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15 Amazing Songs That Symbolize World Peace


Music is one of the most powerful forces known to the world throughout history. It inspires us to be passionate, to love, and to believe that anything can be possible. In honor of World Day of Peace, here’s a list of some of the most iconic songs that celebrate the essence and importance of peace. […]

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8 Prince + Michael Jackson Videos That Will Make You Dance


On Thursday, August 25, Atomic Funk Project will pay tribute to two of the greatest musical geniuses to walk the earth, Prince and Michael Jackson. We’ve compiled our favorite Prince and MJ tunes below to help prepare you for Brooklyn’s best funk party. Michael Jackson – “Thriller” The red jacket, that bass line, and the […]

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The Bowl’s Top Picks for Vinyl Record Day 2016

In 2002, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors adopted vinyl enthusiast Gary Freiberg’s proclamation to declare August 12th Vinyl Record Day, celebrating the date Edison invented the phonograph in 1877. The day has now grown into a nonprofit organization working towards the preservation of all things vinyl. Addicts we are, we’re celebrating Vinyl Record […]

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